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Horn Latest Casualty in VW Diesel Scandal

Recently hired outsider Woebcken takes over.

by on Mar.10, 2016

VWoA CEO Michael Horn took heat for telling a Congressional committee the cheating was the work of a "couple of software engineers."

The unfolding scandal at Volkswagen continues to chew up executive-level talent.

The latest casualty is Michael Horn, president and chief executive officer of Volkswagen of America, who left the company by “mutual agreement.” Horn’s resignation was effective immediately.

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Horn’s days had been numbered ever since Volkswagen’s Board of Supervisors went outside the company earlier this year and brought in a former BMW executive to run VW’s operations in North America. (more…)

VW, Audi Officials Apologize, Try to Look Beyond Diesel Scandal at LA Show

VW meeting with EPA; gift cards going out to 120,000 TDI owners.

by on Nov.19, 2015

VW CEO Michael Horn was surrounded by reporters after the maker's LA news conference. Photo courtesy Michael Rose.

Volkswagen will have a solution “soon” for owners of diesel models tainted by an emissions rigging scandal, the company’s U.S. chief executive said during a news conference at the Los Angeles Auto Show. In the meantime, noted Michael Horn, a “goodwill package” including $1,000 in gift cards and dealership credits are about to head out to 120,000 of those consumers.

The ongoing scandal dominated the events scheduled for both Volkswagen and its upscale sibling, the Audi brand, during the L.A. show, and officials from both marques again apologized before trying to turn back to their plans for the future.

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Industry analysts have suggested that Volkswagen is already feeling the impact of the diesel rigging crisis which impacts 482,000 vehicles sold in the U.S., but the Audi brand, which only has one model impacted, has largely been unscathed, Audi of America President Scott Keogh telling reporters, “We’ll have a record November and a record December.”


DiCaprio Planning to Put VW Scandal on Silver Screen

A “whodunit” waiting for its ending.

by on Oct.13, 2015

Leonardo DiCaprio not only bought a Fisker Karma but invested in the company, too.

The scandal that’s engulfed Volkswagen AG has made for great for headlines, but will it also make for a good movie?

Apparently, Hollywood thinks so, and Leonardo DiCaprio, an actor who has taken on scandalous and eccentric business behavior in a number of his films, is already working on a project centered around the German automaker.

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DiCaprio, production partner Jennifer Davisson and Paramount Studios have already acquired the rights to a book planned about the VW emissions scandal, the studio and New York literary agency Marty Rusoff and Associates have confirmed.


Just Following Orders? Who Was Really Responsible for VW’s Emissions Cheating?

VW’s US CEO blames a “couple of software engineers.”

by on Oct.08, 2015

"This was not a corporate decision," VWoA CEO Michael Horn told lawmakers.

During a hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday, Volkswagen of America CEO Michael Horn told lawmakers that the German automaker’s emissions cheating scandal was the work of a handful of rogue employees and not a high-level corporate conspiracy.

His comments drew a skeptical response from members of the House Oversight and Investigations panel looking into the discovery that Volkswagen rigged the software controlling its four-cylinder diesel engines so that they would sharply reduce emissions while being tested. In real world use, however, they were allowed to produce as much as 40 times the U.S. mandate for smog-causing oxides of nitrogen.

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The Oversight panel has joined a growing list, including the U.S. Justice Department, the EPA and German federal prosecutors, trying to find out just how high up the command chain at Volkswagen the emissions rigging project was approved or, at least, known about. But some experts suggest the real question is whether VW management simply set the tone that made such subterfuge possible, even necessary.


VW Planning to Cut US Diesel Line-Up

Embattled German maker could face problems with planned recall.

by on Oct.08, 2015

VWoA CEO Michael Horn, shown with the CrossCoupe Concept, will testify before Congress.

It is, by far, the largest seller of diesel passenger cars on the American market, but in the wake of its embarrassing and costly emissions scandal, Volkswagen is planning to cut back the number of diesel products it will offer in the U.S. – at least for the coming year.

The decision to withdraw a request for regulators to certify some of its new models comes at the same time VW is working with the EPA to develop a fix for 482,000 diesels already sold in the States that were equipped with software designed to cheat on emissions tests. In real-world use, they may produce as much as 40 times the legal limit of pollutants such as smog-causing oxides of nitrogen.

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VW’s new CEO Matthias Mueller said this week the automaker plans to begin repairing the 11 million small diesels it sold worldwide with so-called “defeat device” software starting in January. But the U.S. recall could take longer to start. And there is concern that many current owners simply may refuse to get their vehicles repaired.


VW Americas Chief Dodges Bullet

But CEO Horn gets a new boss, and management shake-up expected to continue.

by on Sep.29, 2015

Michael Horn, head of VW of America, was all smiles accepting the North American Car of the Year Trophy for the new VW Golf.

(This story corrects and expands upon an earlier story that had incorrectly reported VWoA CEO Michael Horn would lose his job in the U.S.)

Michael Horn, the head of Volkswagen’s U.S. operations, has dodged the bullet. But while he won’t find himself among the growing list of senior VW executives ousted in the wake of a diesel emissions testing scam, the VW veteran will find himself reporting to a new boss as part of a broader corporate shake-up.

Winfried Wahland, who has been overseeing Volkswagen AG’s Czech-based Skoda brand, has been named director of the new North American Region office, and he will take a seat on VWAG’s all-powerful Supervisory Board.

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Horn had been expected to lose his job in the wake of the scandal touched off by the discovery that Volkswagen had secretly rigged its small diesel engines to pass emissions tests. On the road, however, the so-called “defeat device” was programmed to permit the engines to produce as much as 40 times the permissible level of smog-causing oxides of nitrogen. (more…)

VW Fix for Diesel Cheat May Take Longer to Reach U.S.

CEO promises plan “in the next few days” – but not for US owners.

by on Sep.29, 2015

About 11 million vehicles sold worldwide used the software cheat. Fixing those sold in the U.S. is likely to be the most difficult part.

(This story updates an early report on

Volkswagen’s promise to deliver a fix for its rigged diesel engine “in the next few days” refers to vehicles sold in Europe and other foreign markets, not the U.S., according to a company source.

The “retrofit” that VW expects will bring the vehicles into compliance with government pollution standards was announced Tuesday in Berlin by the company’s new CEO, Matthias Mueller, who said customers would be contacted “in the next few days” with details.

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But a company source, who spoke on condition of anonymity with later in the day, said the promise only refers to VW diesels sold in Europe and some other foreign markets, not the U.S., where the fix will be more complicated.