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Merkel Grapples with Green Demands in New Coalition

Green party pushing for big automotive reforms.

by on Nov.02, 2017

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is struggling to find ways to appease the Green Party and automakers.

Tighter rules on auto emissions is emerging as a key issue as German Chancellor Angela Merkel works to assemble a governing coalition, following her election in September.

One of the key components of Merkel’s proposed coalition is Germany’s Green Party, which emphasized this week that the Chancellor’s new government will have to agree to make carmakers introduce mechanical changes to engine and exhaust systems to cut toxic emissions, something Germany’s big carmakers have resisted.

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Transport is among the policy areas being thrashed out in talks taking place between Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives, the pro-business Free Democrats, and the Greens, who are aiming to form a coalition by Christmas, according to Reuters. (more…)