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Concept A Sedan Debuts in Shanghai: a Hint of New Small Cars to Come?

“The time of the crease is over,” says design chief Wagener.

by on Apr.18, 2017

The Concept A Sedan reveals what is expected to be a new Mercedes-Benz design language.

Small is big at Mercedes-Benz, the German automaker planning to add three more compact models to its line-up in the “near future,” and the Concept A sedan making its debut at the Shanghai Motor Show this week offers some hints of what’s to come.

The concept sedan is a far cry from the ungainly, microvan-like A-Class model that first rolled off the assembly line in 1997. The overall shape has far more in common with the coupe-like Mercedes-Benz CLS and CLA models, though the aggressive nose picks up some of its cues from the Mercedes-AMG GT.

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The Shanghai show car introduces what Mercedes is calling its “Aesthetics A” design language, something that expresses more of a “sensual purity” than existing models. And that suggests that what we’re seeing here will begin to influence not just the next generation of Mercedes small cars, but larger, higher-end models, as well.


First Look: Mercedes-Benz Concept A-Class

Rethinking the luxury microcar.

by on Apr.07, 2011

Mercedes-Benz will reveal the new A-Class Concept at both the NY and Shanghai auto shows.

Mercedes-Benz is thinking outside the box…and inside it, as well, with the A-Class Concept it will be introducing at the New York Auto Show later this month – simultaneously launching at the Shanghai Motor Show, as well.

The German maker was among the first to see the potential for a pint-sized luxury car, rolling out the original A-Class in 2002.  The early model offered an efficient – and ingenious – use of space, but it never quite delivered the level of luxury or styling normally associated with the brand, leaving many potential buyers to wait – or choose from the growing number of competing offerings.

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Indeed, the luxury microcar segment is growing fast, with even Aston Martin entering the fray with the new Cygnet it has developed as part of an unusual joint venture with Toyota based on the Japanese maker’s little iQ model.

So, Mercedes is now weighing in with a prototype that, at least from initial appearances, seems more well-suited to the brand’s overall line-up.