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First Look: Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe

Redefining the luxury flagship.

by on Jul.14, 2014

Mercedes brings back the V-12 in its S65 AMG Coupe.

With its big V-12 putting out 621 horsepower and a raft of luxurious and high-tech features filling the cabin, Mercedes-Benz is out to redefine the concept of an automotive flagship as it rolls out the new S65 AMG Coupe.

It’s the latest variant of the S-Class line-up first introduced a year ago, and is clearly meant to shore up the Teutonic maker’s reputation as king of the premium luxury segment. The S-Class sedan launched a year ago has been handily outselling competitors such as the BMW 7-Series and Audi A8.

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Mercedes added a new 2-door version earlier this year, renaming the CL the S-Class Coupe. Along with the “base” model it recently launched a new 8-cylinder AMG version, the S63 AMG. The 2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG caps the line-up.


First Drive: 2012 Mercedes-Benz S350 Turbodiesel

A powerful performer that also delivers great mileage.

by on Dec.09, 2011

The 2012 Mercedes-Benz S350 BlueTec.

Let me get this out of the way: I’ve been a fan of Mercedes-Benz products for decades.  I remember my freshman year in college, when everyone still drove American cars, and my buddy Joe had a mint condition 230 sedan.  Yes, it was slow, but it still was a Benz, and I not only felt cool riding around in it, but I also felt incredibly safe, and for good reason, as Mercedes-Benz has long been a leader in safety technology.

Graduation in the early 80s saw diesel powered Benzes at their peak.  You could choose from entry level diesel sedans, to a cool coupe, to the top of the line S-Class diesel.  In fact, 80% of Mercedes-Benz sales during that time were diesel-powered models. But due to increasing diesel fuel prices, and a general dislike of the then smelly, slower accelerating process that was diesel, sales waned, and the last full-sized Benz diesel sold in the United States was the 1995 S350.

So, perhaps, it’s appropriate that the diesel new flagship of the German maker’s U.S. line-up is the new 2012 Mercedes-Benz S350 BlueTec.

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Though Mercedes restarted U.S. production of diesel powered cars and SUVs several years ago, model year 2012 represents the return of the big S-Class diesel, and it is an incredibly fun car to drive.  Because high torque diesels make their power at low RPM, when you put you foot into the new S-Class, it moves out with startling authority (0-60 mph in seven seconds). And with new technology, very low sound levels accompany this powerful acceleration.  Take one on a test drive, and if you didn’t know going in you were driving a diesel model, I’d bet nine of ten drivers would not know they weren’t driving a gasoline powered car.


Mercedes-Benz Financial Launches iPhone App

Play your games then pay your bills.

by on Oct.16, 2009

Mercedes-Benz Financial has launched what it claims is the first automotive finance app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Mercedes-Benz Financial has launched the first auto finance app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

You can play games, snap and send pics, even check whether a shelf is level.  So it’s probably no surprise you can now pay your car bill on your smartphone.

Mercedes-Benz Financial has launched the first automotive financial service app for the popular Apple iPhone.  The free download (which you can get by clicking here) gives Mercedes Financial customers access to a wide range of services.  They can check an account summary, request payoff information and, for those always on the go, pay their monthly bill, as well.

“We recognize the need for multiple communication channels in today’s mobile environment,” says Franz Reiner, Vice President, Mercedes-Benz Financial.  “The iPhone App provides our customers with another means to communicate with us.”

The captive finance subsidiary is launching a marketing campaign dubbed, “The Coolest Way to Pay,” to promote the new iPhone app.  It can also be used on the iPod Touch, as long as the device has access to the Internet using a WiFi connection.

About 450,000 customers currently use Mercedes-Benz Financial services.