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Jaguar Bringing XF Sportbrake to Geneva

Images of wagon leak ahead of Geneva.

by on Feb.28, 2012

An image of the Jaguar XF Sportbrake leaked ahead of schedule, it seems.

The long-awaited Jaguar XF Sportbrake will be rolling into Geneva’s PALExpo Convention Center next week, it seems, and thanks to a brochure falling into the wrong hands we’ve got these preliminary pics to show our readers before we get a look at the wagon in the flesh, so to speak, at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Considering the strong popularity of station wagons – aka “shooting brakes” in Brit-speak – it’s a surprise that it has taken Jaguar so long to bring into its line-up after a few false starts over the decades.

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But the maker is now on a roll, along with its British sibling Land Rover, and between them they plan more than three dozen new products, variants and major powertrain launches before mid-decade, according to senior company officials.

The brochure images – which align with recent spy shots – reveal that from the B-pillar forward Jaguar has maintained the basic look of the XF sedan.  But from mid-body back it’s all-new, including the use of black-out trim that appears lifted from the bigger Jaguar XJ.


First Look: Coupe-Like Mercedes-Benz Shooting Brake Concept

A wagon version of the next CLS?

by on Apr.20, 2010

The 2011 Mercedes-Benz Shooting Brake concept shows the influence of both the CLS sedan and SLS sports car.

Few recent designs have had more of an impact on industry styling than the coupe-like Mercedes-Benz CLS.  The sweeping shape, blending elegant form with functionality, has strongly influenced any number of competitive offerings, from BMW to Volkswagen, as well as a variety of U.S. and Asian makers.

And it’s inspiring some creative efforts right inside Mercedes German design studios, as these images of the CLS-like Shooting Brake concept wagon suggest.  From a side view, the influence of Mercedes’ Coupe-Like-Sedan is immediately apparent, though there’s also a touch of the new, gullwinged SLS roadster in the nose of the new concept vehicle – which will make its debut at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show.

With the grand proliferation we’ve seen in the luxury market, in recent years, it’s increasingly common to see one maker life another’s design.  That happened with the swooping form of the original CLS sedan.  Here, however, Mercedes seems to be responding to arch-rival BMW’s new 5-Series Grand Turismo line – but rather than echoing the heavy and angular Bavarian shape, Mercedes has repurposed the sleek likes of the CLS.

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This is clearly not the sort of wagon Baby Boomers grew up with, and with more and more manufacturers looking to revive the moribund segment in the U.S. market, this CLS Shooting Brake could shatter long-standing opposition to the wagon.  In other parts of the world, like Europe, this Shooting Brake concept could stretch already strong demand for two-box models even further.