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Who’re Better Drivers: Men or Women?

Guess again, says a new study.

by on Oct.11, 2011

Are you going to be the one to tell Danica Patrick to move over and let you drive?

Women drivers have long been a mainstay for comics and comic strips, and most men are likely to say they’re better drivers.  But a new study suggests you guess again.

The data all point to women as the better drivers, with women getting fewer tickets for reckless driving, winding up with fewer address for driving under the influence and – perhaps most notably – winding up dying in accidents about 50% less often.

If there’s anything that men seem to have a lead in it’s understanding how all the high tech gear in the latest cars are operated, according to the MetLife Auto & Home American Safety Pulse Poll.

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“Safety knows no gender,” contends Bill Moore, president of MetLife Auto & Home.  “Whether a man or a woman is behind the wheel, an attentive driver remains the most effective deterrent to auto accidents.”

Then, perhaps the statistics show that women are more attentive.  Men are involved in reckless driving incidents 3.4 times more often than women and cited for DUI 3.1 times more frequently.


Study Shows Men Don’t Like The Way Women Drive

Complaints include a lack of attention to driving, poor lane control.

by on Jul.22, 2010

Are you man enough to tell Danica Patrick to move over and let you drive?

Here’s a shocker: Men don’t like the way the women in their lives drive. In other news, a federal agency announced a study that determined that water is wet and fire is hot.

As many as one in three men are so “frightened” by the driving of their distaff partner they don’t feel safe, finds a study conducted by, a British-based online market research firm. But a survey official suggests that “women’s driving can’t be as bad as men believe.”

And hard data suggests there may be a significant gap between perception and reality.

The survey was based on the response of 3,000 British men, but while OnePoll doesn’t provide the sort of statistical qualifications that validate the scientific accuracy of the study, it clearly suggests modern males continue to hold the same sort of antagonistic views of women drivers that helped keep ‘50s TV shows like “I Love Lucy” stocked with jokes.

Drive, She Said!

Some findings from the survey:

• 20 percent of men say they can never relax when their significant other is driving;
• The top complaint was that women lack concentration when driving. Men said that women are too distracted by children, scenery or other motorists;
• One in 10 men feels it necessary to ask their wife to pull over so they can drive.