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McLaren Unleashes P1 “Ultimate Supercar”

A spiritual successor to the original McLaren F1.

by on Sep.28, 2012

McLaren is keeping key details close to the vest, for now, but confirms the P1 will go on sale by spring 2013.

McLaren is billing the new P1 as the “ultimate supercar,” a claim the folks from Ferrari and Lamborghini might protest. But it’s the closest we’ve yet seen to the legendary McLaren F1 of more than a decade past – and its rollout at the Paris Motor Show generated more excitement than just about any other introduction at the biennial show.

Since its founding as a race team, McLaren has never been anything but ambitious – and its success on the Formula One track is proof positive of its capabilities, underscored Chairman Ron Dennis, who declared, “”The McLaren P1 will be the result of 50 years of racing and road car heritage,” during the well-attended unveiling at the Mondial de l’Automobile.

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Like rival British sports carmaker Lotus, McLaren has laid out an ambitious target – in this case, rolling out a new model every year.  In McLaren’s case, it’s delivering.  The P1 will be its third new offering starting with the MP4-12C and the newer convertible version of that 2-seat supercar.


McLaren Teases New P12 Supercar

“Spiritual successor” to the McLaren F1.

by on Sep.14, 2012

A car Tron might love - if he could afford one. A tease of the new McLaren P12.

McLaren has made the bold promise to roll out a new car every year for the foreseeable future and now that the Spider version of the original MP4-12C has made its debut it’s time to move on.  Company officials are now confirming they’ll roll out an all-new flagship at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, and this Tron-like image gives us a sense of what’s apparently in store.

The McLaren P12 is being billed as the “spiritual successor” to the legendary McLaren F1, a supercar that routinely collects winning bids of as much as $3.5 million on the classic auction circuit.  While the new flagship won’t be quite so expensive, it could nudge into seven figures, company insiders hint, or roughly four times as much as the current MP4 coupe.

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One thing’s for certain, the P12 will continue McLaren’s tradition of relying on super-strong and ultra-light carbon fiber for the monocoque and other key components.  The British maker has gotten increasingly good at that process, slashing the time it takes to produce carbon fiber parts and pieces.