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Mazda Looks Ahead with Wankel-Powered RX-Vision Concept

The return of the rotary engine.

by on Oct.28, 2015

Mazda resurrected the rotary engine for its RX-Vision concept at the Tokyo Motor Show this week.

It’s not often that a once-popular nameplate returns from the automotive junk heap. And it’s all the more uncommon for the industry to bring back an abandoned engine design. But that’s what happening at the Tokyo Motor Show this week with the unveiling of the Mazda RX-Vision rotary sports car concept.

The rotary was a central part of the successful formula when Mazda introduced the original RX-7 sports car back in 1978. It remained the throbbing heart of successive generations of until 2012, when Mazda pulled the plug on the slow-selling RX-8. Ever since, rumors have repeatedly hinted at Mazda’s plans to revive both the rotary and the RX line.

On Top of the News!

While the RX-Vision is, for now, just a show car, it appears to have a serious future, the maker noting during its debut that, “The RX-Vision represents a vision of the future that harbors the soul of the Mazda brand.” (more…)

Return of the RX? Mazda Set to Show New Sports Car Concept in Tokyo

Could it also mark the return of the Wankel rotary?

by on Sep.30, 2015

Does this Tokyo sports car concept signal the return of the Mazda RX - and the rotary engine?

Is Mazda finally ready to relaunch its RX sports car? It’s certainly starting to look like the answer is “yes.”

With barely a month to go before the biennial Tokyo Motor Show opens, the Japanese maker is offering a few hints of what it will have on display. And among the 14 models that will be on the stand, we can expect a sports car concept that, says Mazda, “maintains a sense of lineage and authenticity.”

Pushing the Limits!

Of course, if Mazda is truly set to reach back in its historical back of tricks, that raises another critical question: will the new sports car pack an updated version of Mazda’s signature rotary under the hood? Company officials have offered broad hints that they’re working on a Wankel engine that can meet modern fuel economy and emissions requirements.