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Maserati Set to Launch 2nd SUV in 2020

Critical to business plan, says CEO Marchionne.

by on Oct.26, 2017

The Maserati Levante has quickly become the Italian brand's best-selling model.

With the Levante already the most popular model in its history, Maserati is readying a second SUV, CEO Sergio Marchionne has revealed, a critical step in meeting the luxury brand’s business plan.

The new model, Marchionne hinted during this week’s Fiat Chrysler Automobiles earnings conference call, will be smaller than the midsize five-seat Levante. That would position the Italian luxury brand in one of the world’s fastest-growing market segments and target competitors ranging from the Jaguar E-Pace to the Porsche Macan.

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Maserati sold about 40,000 vehicles last year, the Levante largely responsible for a 27% year-over-year increase. But the maker’s target is somewhere closer to 80,000, and EBIT earnings of 1 billion euros. “We should be able to get there” with the addition of a second ute, Marchionne said during the call with investors and journalists.


Maserati Unveils 2017 Quattroporte Update

Sedan gets interior, exterior updates, new tech, added trim levels.

by on Jun.13, 2016

The 2017 Maserati Quattroporte GranLusso (l) and the Quattroporte GranSport (r)

It’s been nearly four years since Maserati rolled out the complete remake of its big Quattroporte sedan, so it’s time for the requisite, mid-cycle refresh.

Set to roll into showrooms this month, the 2017 Maserati Quattroporte goes through a number of tweaks, including updates to its exterior and interior. There are a number of new safety, mileage and infotainment technologies – such as Emergency Auto Braking, grille shutters and Apple CarPlay. And there are now two new trim levels.

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The current-generation Quattroporte has been one of Maserati’s most successful models ever, only outsold by the smaller, more affordable Ghibli. The maker says it has delivered over 24,000 of the larger sedans since its 2013 launch, with buyers in 72 different countries.


First Drive: 2017 Maserati Levante

Italian maker delivers its first SUV. Compatible combination or an automotive oxymoron?

by on May.03, 2016

The 2017 Maserati Levante starts out with the same underlying platform as the Ghibli sedan.

Say the name, Maserati, and you’re likely to picture a sleek sports car like the Ghibli, perhaps, screaming down the Autostrada. But bouncing along a rutted and rock strewn path that was old by the time the Romans packed it in?

That’s where we’ve found ourselves on a drizzly weekday morning, a couple hours outside of Milan, wandering our way through a course set up to train Italian mercenaries and special forces. Not the sort of place you’d traditionally expect to find a Maserati. Then again, the Levante isn’t your typical Maserati. The 2017 model is the maker’s first sport-utility vehicle. And we had come to Italy to find out if that was a compatible combination or an automotive oxymoron.

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Maserati has been toying around with the idea of adding an SUV to its line-up since 2003, when it showed off the original Kubang concept. The notion went nowhere until 2011, when a new prototype made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. After taking a few unexpected detours, the rechristened Maserati Levante is about to start rolling into showrooms around the world.


Big Price, Big Goal for New Maserati Levante

New SUV expected to nearly double luxury brand’s sales.

by on Apr.19, 2016

The production version of the Maserati Kubang debuts during a media drive in Italy.

After a long wait, Maserati is finally set to deliver its first SUV to customers next month, the global roll-out of the new Levante set to begin in Europe, with China and the U.S. to follow later in the year.

The launch marks the end of an unusually long gestation, the luxury SUV originally introduced in the form of the Maserati Kubang concept in 2003. Under the Levante nameplate, the production model will carry a U.S. price tag starting at $72,000, officials revealed during a media drive of the new model.

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The Levante will be one of the most important models ever to wear Maserati’s distinctive trident logo and, officials said, they expect it to be the biggest seller in the brand’s 102-year history, accounting for nearly half of Maserati’s total volume once production gets fully up to speed in 2017.


Maserati Joins Luxury SUV Crowd with Debut of Levante

Production launched, U.S. sales set to begin in September.

by on Mar.01, 2016

Maserati introduced its much-delayed and first-ever SUV, the Levante, at the Geneva Motor Show.

It’s been a long time in coming – a dozen years since we got our first look at the oddly named Maserati Kubang concept. It’s finally back in production form, making its debut as the only slightly less curious Maserati Levante.

The Levante becomes the first SUV in the Italian maker’s long history, and the latest addition to a growing line-up of luxury utes that will eventually include offerings from high-line brands as diverse as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and Bentley, the latter just rolling out its first off-roader, the Bentayga.

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Originally intended to be little more than a gussied-up Jeep Grand Cherokee, the new Maserati Levante is “100% Maserati,” instead relying on a heavily modified version of the brand’s latest platform which also serves as the foundation for the Ghibli and Quattroporte sedans. The one exception is the top-line engine that will have its origin in the Ferrari plant not far from Maserati’s own assembly line. (more…)

Maserati Plans to Cap Global Sales at 75,000

Italian marque hopes to keep demand strong by limiting availability.

by on Jul.18, 2014

The twin turbochargers feeding the 410 horsepower 3.0 liter V6 ensures the Maserati Ghibli is more than just pretty curves and strong sales show it.

Following in the footsteps of its Fiat stablemate, Ferrari, Maserati plans to limit global sales to 75,000 vehicles. However, in this case, the cart may be before the horse, as Maserati isn’t expected to reach that mark until 2018.

Ferrari famously capped sales at 7,000 units last year. Maserati sold about 15,400 cars last year and expects to see that number double this year on the strength of the new Ghibli and redesigned Quattroporte. And it had one of the hands-down favorites at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show with its Alfieri Coupe Concept, which is now slated to be in production in 2016.

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It will join the brand’s first-ever SUV, the Levante, which shares the basic underpinnings of the popular Jeep Grand Cherokee – but which will draw power from a Ferrari-derived powertrain. (more…)

Maserati, Alfa Romeo to Get a Flood of New Products

Two Italian brands stand to score big under Fiat Chrysler 5-year plan.

by on May.07, 2014

A production version of the Maserati Alfieri Coupe Concept should reach market in 2016.

It’s been a frustratingly long wait for fans of Italy’s Alfa Romeo, two decades of hints and promises that the brand was finally heading back to the U.S. market followed by repeated delays – Alfa only showing off its new 4C sports car at last month’s New York Auto Show.

While Maserati fans have had a little more to cheer about, the upscale brand has only just begun to show its potential with recent product launches like the new Ghibli and redesigned Quattroporte.

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But the two marques seem destined to have a much brighter, product-rich future. At this week’s day-long strategy session, officials from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles outlined plans that could see a flood of new products roll into showrooms for both Maserati and Alfa. In fact, the latter maker is set to benefit from a newly unveiled “skunk works program” that is expected to yield a full eight new models by 2018.


Fiat Chrysler Hopes to Boost Global Production by 25%

CEO Marchionne aiming for 6 mil target by 2018.

by on Apr.02, 2014

FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne has big plans in mind for the newly-merged company.

Automakers often talk about economies of scale – a moving target in an industry where industry giants like Toyota Motor Co., General Motors and Volkswagen AG are all shooting to reach 10 million annual sales during the next year or so.

By comparison, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is little more than an also-ran, with a total worldwide sales volume of “just” 4.4 million vehicles last year, and a goal of 4.6 million in 2014. But with the company’s formal merger of its U.S. and Italian operations now complete, CEO Sergio Marchionne has some big aspirations.  He is targeting a nearly 25% increase in production over the next four years.

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“By 2018, Fiat will be able to make more than 6 million cars,” Marchionne said after a shareholders’ meeting in Turin, where the Fiat side of the company is headquartered. “I don’t want to give any details of the plan, but we are going in that direction.”


Maserati Hints at Future with 2+2 Alfieri Concept

Ready to take on the Jaguar F-Type?

by on Mar.04, 2014

Maserati isn't quite ready to commit to building the Alfieri 2+2, but "we'll work our asses off to get it done," says its CEO.

Work your way through the endless news conferences that marked the opening day of the Geneva Motor Show and you likely heard some of the same breathless adjectives used over and over again, “revolutionary” being one of the most common. Surprisingly, it wasn’t part of the vocabulary at a stand where it likely best applied.

Even among the jaded journalists packing Geneva’s PALExpo conference center there was a noticeable gasp when Maserati rolled out its new Alfieri concept vehicle. The striking yet subtle sculpting of the 2+2 hatchback is, for many observers, one of the highlights of a strong show.

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There had been rumors circulating for days that the Italian maker might reveal a car that had come to be described as a “Jaguar F-Type-fighter.” While Maserati officials contend the two play in somewhat different market segments, a production version of the Alfieri would come as close as anything on the market to matching the sinfully sensuous shape of the soon-to-launch Jaguar F-Type Coupe. (more…)

Maserati May Go Head-to-Head with Jaguar F-Type

Debut one of the big secrets at Geneva Motor Show.

by on Mar.03, 2014

What surprise does Maserati have in store?

Little Maserati is likely to have some big news coming out of Geneva this week – and we’re not talking about the debut of the Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna Limited Edition. Yes, okay, there will likely be more than enough buyers to snap up that special model, of which just 100 will be made, marking the Italian marques 100th anniversary – but the reason we expect to be fighting for space at the Geneva Motor Show preview is the anticipation that Maserati is ready to reveal its answer to the hot-selling Jaguar F-Type.

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That would be perfectly in line with the Italian maker’s growing ambitions – and fast-expanding line-up, which recently saw the launch of the all-new Ghibli and a new version of the Quattroporte coupe.

For its part, Maserati isn’t saying much more than is needed to whet everyone’s appetite, hinging that there will be “the much talked about unveiling of a new concept car outlining the Maseratis of the next 100 years.”