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Your Own Lotus Formula One Car?

British maker will put you in one for $1 million.

by on Aug.17, 2010

For a cool $1 million you can own your own Lotus Formula One car.

Let’s be absolutely honest, how many of us haven’t fantasized what it would be like to trade in our mundane sedan or SUV for a slick little Formula One race car, skip the morning commute in favor of a couple hundred lightning-fast laps on the track?

Now, says, Lotus, you can do that…all you have to do is come up with a cool million dollars cash for the British firm’s new Lotus 125.

Think of it as “the ultimate Formula One fantasy car,” suggests Chris Arnold, the commercial director for Lotus Motor Sports.

An Adrenaline Rush!

The Lotus 125 really is about as close as a “civilian” might get to lining up on the grid alongside a Michael Schumacher, says Arnold, “while still being customer friendly.  A Formula One car can require a team of as many as 80 people to keep it running,” he notes, but Lotus is aiming for something you could pretty much handle on your own.