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Public Transportation Use at its Highest Level in 57 Years

Riders take 10.7 billion trips in 2013.

by on Mar.12, 2014

While Millennials expect to buy a car at some point, they are more likely to use public transit options when it is more cost effective.

With younger generations struggling with car ownership and a push by some cities to limit access by vehicles, it would make sense that public transportation usage is going to rise…and it did in 2013 by 1.1%.

There were 10.7 billion trips taken last year on buses, trains and other forms of public transportation, marking eight consecutive years of more than 10 billion trips, according to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). It was also the highest number of trips since in 57 years.


The use of public transport has been in the rise for some time now. Since 1995 public transit ridership is up 37.2%, outpacing population growth, which is up 20.3%, and vehicle miles traveled (VMT), which is up 22.7%. (more…)

Motown = Railroad Town?

Could the Big Three switch gears and support high-speed rail?

by on Apr.17, 2009

Could Detroit find new opportunity reusing idled plants to produce an American bullet train?

Could Detroit find new opportunity reusing idled plants to produce an American bullet train?

When you spend as much time on the road, as I do, especially overseas, you start realizing that automobiles really aren’t the only way to get around.  Even in car-centric states like California, mass transit is gaining traction.  In Europe and Japan, rail is increasingly the way to go, whether for your daily commute, or to travel cross-country.

And if President Obama has his way, the same thing could happen here.  The president wants to spend $13 billion to seed the development of a nationwide, high-speed rail network, much like Japan’s legendary bullet trains and the nearly 200 mph French TGV.  The White House this week identified 10 possible routes, including a network in California, and others along the East Coast.

The president also gave a boost to long-standing hopes to create a Midwest high-speed rail system that would have its hub in Chicago, and link to cities including St. Louis, Milwaukee and Detroit.

“This was incredible,” responded Rick Harnish, executive director of the advocacy group, the Midwest High Speed Rail Association, in an interview with the Detroit Free Press.  “He has set a new direction for the country” – and not only for the millions of potential passengers advocates believe a U.S. bullet train could lure out of cars and airplanes.

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