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Be realistic and do homework when buying a car

Use Internet to research what works for your lifestyle

by on Sep.24, 2010

Could there be three more different vehicles on someone's shopping list? the Jeep Commander, top, Nissan Murano and the Nissan Leaf are at completely different ends of the automotive spectrum.

She came to me and said “So you write about cars? Can you give me some advice on what kind of car I should buy?”

Hey, I’m always up for a little car talk.

So she asked if a Jeep Comander really is rated at just 20 mpg. Well, yes, if you opt for the V-6. If you want the V-8, it’s less for this out-of-production behemoth.

Also on her shopping list? Nissan Murano. Then the next day she tells me that she had decided on a Nissan Leaf electric. Are there three more different vehicles on the planet? A full-size, three-row SUV, a swoopy two-row crossover and a full electric small car. Eventually, she’ll probably throw in a Mazda MX-5 just to cover yet another body style.

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Did I mention that she has a 160-mile roundtrip commute to work? That drive would far exceed the Leaf’s limited range. Better bring an extension cord.

It all speaks to the trouble consumers seem to have deciding on the right vehicle for their needs. A lot of consumers see a vehicle they like, but don’t think about the ramifications of such a purchase.