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NHTSA Has 60 Unverified Unintended Acceleration Complaints about “Fixed” Toyotas

Reports confirmed by the safety agency. Alleged fatalities at 54.

by on Mar.04, 2010

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirmed yesterday that it had received ten reports of acceleration problems on Toyota vehicles, which had been fixed according to the proscribed Toyota recall method.

[Editor's note: As of this evening:The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received more than 60 complaints from Toyota owners who report they are still experiencing sudden unintended acceleration despite having their vehicle repaired by a Toyota dealer. This number increased from the original ten in our original story when we asked NHTSA for the current status. -Ken Zino ]

NHTSA administrator David Strickland confirmed a Los Angeles Times story citing Safety Research and Strategies, a consulting firm looking at Toyota complaints.

The key word is “unverified,” but the complaints, which NHTSA is in the process of investigating, raise more doubts about the assertions by Toyota executives made earlier this week before a Senate panel that unintended acceleration issues are solved by floor mat and pedal entrapment recalls on more than  six million vehicles in the U.S.

Total Recall!

“I want to be absolutely clear, as a result of our extensive testing, we do not believe sudden unintended acceleration because of a defect in our E.T.C.S. has ever happened,” Takeshi Uchiyamada, executive vice president for Toyota, said in his Senate testimony.

NHTSA also said that it now has reports of 52 fatalities and 38 injuries in incidents alleged to have been caused by unexpected or uncontrolled acceleration of a Toyota product.   (more…)