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Toyota Reportedly Readying Fix for Lexus GX460

Multiple fixes may be needed; other Lexus utes under study.

by on Apr.15, 2010

Toyota may soon have a fix ready for the troubled Lexus GX460 SUV.

Just days after putting a temporary halt to sales of its Lexus GX460 due to safety concerns, Toyota is reportedly readying a technical fix to overcome a potential rollover problem with the sport-utility vehicle, say reports from Japan.

The latest in a seemingly endless series of safety problems involving the various divisions of the Japanese maker turned up earlier this week when Consumer Reports magazine announced that it was issuing a “Don’t Buy” warning for the new, 2010 GX460.  The non-profit magazine had discovered, during testing, that the SUV might be prone to rolling over under certain conditions.

Toyota, which is facing a record government fine for failing to disclose other safety problems in a timely manner, responded by halting sales and reaching out to the 5,400 owners who’d already purchased a GX since its introduction.

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Now, reports Japan’s Nikkei Daily, Toyota is reportedly working up a fix that will, first and foremost, address the vehicle’s electronic stability control system, along with work on “other (unspecified) aspects of the vehicle.”