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Opinion: Left-lane Bandits Cause Congestion

Drivers need better education about freeway lane use.

by on Feb.28, 2011

Left-lane drivers making you crazy? Left Lane Drivers of America sells window stickers designed to encourage left-lane bandits to use the other lane.

For the first time in my career, I’m commuting by freeway and it’s not pretty.

Every day, I travel a 30-mile section of freeway, some of it six lanes, but mostly four, meaning there are three or two lanes going each way. So what have I learned during all this driving?

This country has a serious need for improved driver education. People don’t know how to drive and the problem really comes to light at 80 mph.

Battling for the Left Lane!

The biggest issue is that many drivers all but refuse to leave the left lane. Drive up behind these people, even flash your lights, and they just refuse to leave the left lane. It’s a laziness issue. Stay in the left lane and you rarely have to change lanes. Talk on your cellphone and you can basically put the car on autopilot. Just steer through the curves and tap the brakes in those rare instances when you have to slow down.