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UAW Scores Health-Care Win on New GM Pact

Secures hiring path for second-tier workers.

by on Oct.29, 2015

The UAW and GM bargaining teams produced a contract providing health-care for second-tier workers.

The United Auto Workers managed to win broad health-care coverage for the second-tier workers at General Motors and a $60,000 bonus for up to 4,000 long-term GM employees who agree retire during the first half of 2016.

The health-care package, which includes dental and vision coverage at time when many employers are scaling back health-care plans or piling on new co-pays and deductibles, comes on top of the substantial wage increase that will give second tier, or “in progression” workers an opportunity to reach top levels after eight years on the job.

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The bargaining committee secured a clear path for in-progression members to achieve traditional wages. All in-progression employees are being moved to traditional health care plan, according to the UAW. (more…)

UAW Moves Contract to Ratification Stage

Union readies for challenges from rank-and-file on new deal.

by on Sep.21, 2015

Despite securing a raise for the first time in a decade, getting FCA's hourly workers to approve the new deal wil not be a laughing matter for the UAW.

Despite winning the first raise in 10 years for long-time union members and employees hired during the post-recession expansion of the FCA U.S., the United Auto Workers is bracing for a potential fight over ratification of the new contract, which some members complain has not closed the gap between first and second-tier workers.

The ratification fight could be particularly sharp in plants such as the Dodge City Truck plant in Warren, Michigan, staffed by members of UAW Local 140 and the Jeep manufacturing complex in Toledo, Ohio, staffed by members of UAW Local 12 where the contract’s lack of future employment guarantees are expected to become an issue.

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Both the Jeep complex and the truck plant are facing the loss of existing product and while both plants are promised additional products, the commitments haven’t been firmed up yet, union officials acknowledged after a meeting in Detroit of local union leaders from around the country. The ratification votes will take place over the next week. (more…)