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Live from Los Angeles!

Sport-utes, crossovers and technology dominate the normally green-focused gathering.

by on Nov.21, 2016

The 2016 Los Angeles International Auto Show is winding down. The show located in America’s green-car friendliest state focused on the latest and greatest in sport-utility vehicles, crossover and technology.

The show’s Automobility LA exhibition revealed the latest techno wizardry and mobility concepts for the automotive world to life.

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Marty’s Marketing Minutia

Show, scenarios, soirees, stars and stages

by on Dec.04, 2009

Lalaland, aka Los Angeles, Auto Show Redux

Thirty claimed product introductions, lots of interviews, chats with colleagues and friends … all in a day and half is a lot of car reveals anywhere, but especially in LA. Maybe it is the image of Tinseltown.

The wrong way three hour time difference, playing constant catch-up, almost missing critical timelines, getting sleepy too often, information overload, gridlock and traffic jams beyond compare, humungous hotel bills, poor food at the show, loosing your car in the cavernous parking garage – but it is LA. Nice place to visit sort-of could not live here except if on a big-time expense account.

My top ten observations from the show’s reveals in different locations often separated by a rather long walk more times than I care to remember and frankly, I didn’t go to all the presentations.

  • Biggest crowd of media types – Ford
  • Second biggest crowd – Hyundai
  • Loudest, cacophonous music … again – Audi
  • Most boring speech – still in process
  • Best looking video – BMW
  • Missing item – schlep bag from show
  • Best rumor – who will replace Fritz?
  • Second best rumor – why did Lutz return to Detroit so soon?
  • Best no-pitch presentation – Roll-Royce reception with good champagne
  • Biggest surprise – two Hyundai reveals