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Sweden’s Koenigsegg Promising to Debut World’s Fastest “Megacar” in Geneva

New Regara expected to top 250 mph, perhaps 1,400 horsepower.

by on Feb.18, 2015

Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg teased its Regara model coming to the Geneva Motor Show.

It’s tough to stay on top – especially when you’re billing yourself as the world’s fastest or most powerful. It wasn’t all that long ago when the folks at Bugatti were bragging about offering a mere 1,001 horsepower in their exotic Veyron ultracar.

Since then, the stakes have been rapidly ramping up, and little Swedish automaker Koenigsegg promises to take the lead when it rolls out its all-new “megacar,” the Regara, at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. If the name elicits a sense of déjà vu, no wonder. Scramble the Scrabble tiles and you’ve got the Koenigsegg Agera – and the carmaker says it will be pulling the wraps off a new version of that model, as well.

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For the moment, Koenigsegg isn’t offering many details, suggesting only that the Regara “will reign as the king of the road, as the fastest accelerating, most powerful production car ever.” (more…)

Koenigsegg Agera One:1 Smashes Through 1300 HP Barrier

Taking aim at the land speed record.

by on Mar.03, 2014

Koenigsegg plans to build just six copies of the Agera One:1, at nearly $2.9 million each.

It wasn’t all that long ago that the folks at Bugatti promised the seemingly unthinkable, revealing plans to break the 1,000-horsepower mark with their Veyron ultracar. Now, for those who think that isn’t quite enough muscle for the delay commute, the Swedish automaker Koenigsegg is weighing in with the Agera One:1.

Making its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show today, the fighter jet-like Agera will deliver an astonishing 1322 horsepower – 1340 in metric terms – and 1,011 pound-feet of torque.  Koenigsegg, which is using the new model to celebrate its 20th anniversary, claims the Agera will be able to top out at 280 mph.

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On paper, at least, that suggests what the Swedish maker calls “the world’s first megacar” will also be the planet’s fastest production vehicle. Currently, that title is up in the air, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport officially recognized for its 269.86 mph record run, but with a Hennessey Venom GT nudging out an ever so slightly faster 270.49 mph run that remains a matter of dispute.


Spyker ShareTrading Halted on Saab Speculation

Negotiations with GM continue after previous failed offer.

by on Jan.26, 2010

It's not over?

Trading in shares of Spyker stock was stopped in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this afternoon as speculators continued to bid up the price of the tiny sports car maker for the ultra rich. Yesterday, Spyker shares increased by more than 75% on rumors that it was close to buying Saab from General Motors.

Several thousand jobs are dependent on the outcome, including 3400 Saab employees, not counting 1100 dealers, numerous suppliers and their employees.

Saab’s annual global sales of fewer than 90,000 vehicles make it an unlikely survivor in the Global car wars. Previously General Motors Chairman and CEO Ed Whitacre has expressed cynicism about what he characterized as a “show me the money” stance toward potential Saab suitors.

Saab itself filed for reorganization under Swedish Law on 20 February 2009, after GM said no more funding would be provided for the loss-making operation. As part of the plan, Saab said its design, engineering and manufacturing would be consolidated in Sweden.


Whither the Swedish Auto Industry?

With Saab going to the Chinese, and the Volvo sale going nowhere, prospects are uncertain at best.

by on Oct.26, 2009


The Swedish car industry could collapse before customers return in numbers needed for revival.

As the global Great Recession drags on, with European and North American auto markets languishing, the prospects for the Swedish car industry are challenging.

The industry could collapse before customers return in numbers sufficient for revival.

Swedish new car sales fell 17% in 2008, with a 35% downturn in the final quarter. The forecast for 2009 is for a further a reduction of 27% – about the same decline as in the U.S. market. According to the national Institute of Economic Research, unemployment is expected to rise from 6.1% to 7.9%.



As the Swedish government is no doubt by now painfully aware, about 700 companies in auto related areas support a workforce of close to 140,000 taxpaying job holders.

About 72,000 are employed in vehicle production and the component supply chain. Truck makers Volvo and Scania remain relatively strong in European commercial vehicle production, although they too are wracking up big losses in the Great Recession.