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Kia Cranks Up the Attitude for SEMA Show

Make brings hopped up Stinger GTs and Cadenza to show.

by on Nov.01, 2017

The Kia Stinger GT Federation gets creamy orange exterior to highlight its high-performance add-ons.

Kia made a splash at SEMA this week by rolling out three modified vehicles aimed at giving attendees a thrill and a new perspective on the South Korean brand.

The unveiled two Stinger concepts and a Cadenza that revealed just what one can do with the new model – the Stinger was just introduced for 2018 – and the faithful standby, the Cadenza.

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The company’s Stinger GT Federation is outfitted with parts and accessories from leading aftermarket suppliers, and marks Kia’s foray into making high-performance aftermarket parts available for purchase after a vehicle has been launched.  (more…)

Kia Proves its Got Soul With Five SEMA Concepts

“Souls of SEMA” gives showgoers a glimpse of possibilities.

by on Nov.07, 2013

Kia rolled out five highly customized Souls during this year's annual SEMA show.

With some help from rocker Leona X and some hot DJs, Kia set out to prove it has plenty of Soul as it unveiled a quintet of new concept cars at the annual aftermarket extravaganza known as the SEMA Show.

The event has traditionally focused on performance but there’s a growing emphasis on customization, makers like Kia showing off hot products aimed at a new generation buyers – and showing them just how much products like the Soul can be customized to reflect their individual personalities and lifestyles.

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Calling them the “Souls of SEMA,” Kia spokesman Scott McKee noted that, “The music connection to Soul has been well established since the beginning,” especially through the use of the hip-hop animated hamsters that have become the spokes-, er, -rodents for the quirky box-shaped crossover. (more…)

Kia and Antenna Take to the Surf

Where’s the board go?

by on Oct.27, 2011

Antenna magazine works with Kia to come up with the modern surf buggy.

We’re still waiting to see who comes up with the first dune buggy based on the latest generation of the Volkswagen Beetle.  In the meantime, we’ll be happy to head for the beach in this tricked-out 2012 Kia Rio5 pulled together by Antenna magazine – which will make its debut at the upcoming SEMA Show.

We’re not quite sure what the green stuff growing in the corner is, but we’re assuming it’s not medical marijuana.  As for the rest of the revisions, Antenna and Kia seem to believe that surfers are an organized bunch, incorporating some well-placed shelves and drawers for sneakers, swimsuits and, we’re assuming, wet suits.

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What we don’t seem to see is a place for surfboards.  Perhaps the rack will be added in time for the SEMA event, which begins later this month in Las Vegas.

There’s a retro touch, the Antenna Kia Rio5 working in not only an old Atari game console but also a turntable.  Remember records?


Kia White Tiger and Hamstar Concepts Hint At More to Come

by on Nov.02, 2010

Kia brings its Hamstars to SEMA.

This year’s SEMA Show, normally the realm of the performance crowd, is turning into a preview of things to come.  Among the makers using the annual event to unveil an array of concept cars, trucks and crossovers is Kia, whose prototypes, including the White Tiger and Hamstar show cars, offer more than a hint of what the Korean carmaker will soon be bringing to market.

And it’s not only urban cruisers Kia is customizing.  The maker’s Kia Forte Hybrid Concept shows that going green doesn’t have to be boring.

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Separately, Kia announced that following the unexpectedly solid first-year performance of its road racing team – which included six Top Ten finishes – the maker will expand its motor sports efforts in 2011, with the Kia Fort Coup campaigning in the upcoming Grand Am-Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge.

Few new cars have generated more buzz, in recent years, than the Kia Soul, especially among the hip-hop generation.  So, it’s no surprise Kia is bringing two concept versions of the urban cruiser to SEMA.