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Fisker Reveals Emotion EV and Possibly Game-Changing Tech Specs

Could ultracapacitor system obsolete battery technology?

by on Nov.01, 2016

The Fisker EMotion could be in production by some time later next year.

If at first you don’t succeed…if you’re Henrik Fisker, it seems, you try and try again.

Best known for the sleek and iconic Aston Martin DB9, Henrik Fisker has attempted to launch two car companies since going out on his own a decade ago, including the ill-fated Fisker Automotive, the Danish designer is about get back into the business with a new pure battery-electric vehicle that could go beyond just being a Tesla-fighter. If the newly released images and specs prove accurate, the Fisker Emotion could rewrite the rules for the zero-emissions segment.

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Beyond the car’s sleek design, the real breakthrough appears to be an alternative to the lithium-ion batteries used in most of today’s battery-based vehicles. Instead, the Emotion will use an ultracapacitor to store enough energy, the start-up claims, to run a “theoretical” 400 miles per charge.


First Drive: Karma Revero

Electric déjà vu.

by on Oct.24, 2016

The Fisker Karma is back and ready to roll again, albeit renamed the Karma Revero.

The look is familiar – though the hand-painted logo is clearly new, and it gives you a hint this isn’t the original Fisker Karma.

First of all, it’s now called the Karma Revero, and it’s the work of the Chinese-owned, California-based company that took over the assets of Fisker Automotive when that start-up went bankrupt four years ago.

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Fisker, you may recall, was named for Henrik Fisker, the Danish designer perhaps best known for penning the luscious Aston Martin DB9. Like Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk, Fisker had hoped to challenge the established automotive order, in this case with a family of plug-in hybrids. But just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong and Fisker Automotive went bust barely a year after the first Karma rolled into showrooms.


Fisker Plug-In Makes Formal Return as Karma Revero

Price jumps to $130,000.

by on Sep.09, 2016

The new Karma Revero retains the same, timeless exterior styling of its predecessor with a few welcome tweaks and can be had for $130,000.

There’ve been plenty of brands that have gone out of production in recent years – think Plymouth, Mercury, Pontiac and Saturn. It’s a rare marque that can come back from the dead, but that’s what happening with Fisker Automotive, the California-based maker of the sexy Karma plug-in hybrid.

All right, that’s not entirely accurate. The Fisker name is gone as the result of a messy 2013 bankruptcy. But the Karma lives on under a new Chinese owner. And to confuse matters a bit, that’s now the name of the company, with the car itself rebadged the Karma Revero.

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In its original form, the long-nosed plug-in drew some high-profile, green-minded buyers, including celebrity actor/activist Leonardo DiCaprio. Whether buyers will turn out with cash for the reborn Revero remains to be seen, especially as they’ll be asked to pay $130,000, or 26% more than for the original Karma. (more…)

Old Fisker Plug-In Returns as Karma Revero

Original owners get first crack at updated PHEV.

by on Aug.12, 2016

The Karma Revero carries over the design of the original Fisker Karma with but a few tweaks.

The name is new, but the look is likely to trigger a sense of déjà vu. More than four years after its original debut – and three years after Fisker Automotive went belly-up – the Karma plug-in hybrid is making its return.

This time, however, it will go by a new name, the Karma Revero, reflecting the fact that there’s also a new owner, the Chinese start-up that purchased what was left of Fisker out of bankruptcy. Eventually, a version of the Revero is expected to be produced in China but, for now, it will be rolling out of a new plant near Newport Beach, California.

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The new owners have polished up a few exterior details, but, “The vehicle, externally, is largely the same” as the original Fisker Karma, noted Jim Taylor, the long-time General Motors executive who last year joined Karma as its chief revenue officer. “The feedback we got on the original design is that Fisker nailed it.”


Karma Automotive Stakes Claim in China with New Plant

Company's first U.S. offering debuts in September.

by on Aug.09, 2016

The original Fisker Karma appears to be the basis for the new Karma Revero, set to debut next month.

The race to take advantage of the Chinese government’s plans to clean up its air by incentivizing automakers to build electric vehicles there just got one more competitor: Karma Automotive.

The company plans to build a $375 million EV plant in Hangzhou, China, according to the company’s application for an environmental impact review posted on its website. The factory will have capacity to manufacture 50,000 cars a year.

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Karma is owned by Wanxiang Group, founded by Chinese billionaire Lu Guanqiu. The company, which also has operations in the U.S. and expected to be unveiled to the media this summer with production to come sooner after. No model has been shown yet. (more…)

Karma Set to Build Renamed Battery Car in the U.S.

Plug-in hybrid now dubbed the Karma Revero.

by on Apr.26, 2016

The original Fisker Karma relied on a 2.0-liter I-4 range extender gas engine from GM.

The recently reborn Fisker Automotive will formally unveil its revived battery vehicle this coming summer, but both car and carmaker will be carrying a new name.

Now owned by Chinese auto parts company Wanxiang Group, Fisker has now been christened Karma Automotive, picking its name up from the plug-in hybrid vehicle it was building before its 2012 bankruptcy. That battery car will now be known as the Revero.

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The original Fisker Karma cost around $110,000, around the same price as a well-equipped version of the current Tesla Model S P85d battery-electric vehicle. The company’s new, California-based management team isn’t saying when the new model will go on sale, nor what it will cost, Chief Marketing Officer Jim Taylor cautioning that, “We are being careful about making promises.” But the goal is to start taking orders over the summer.