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Judge Ready to Name Feinberg to Oversee FCA Diesel Settlement

Fiat Chrysler working on software to correct emissions problem.

by on Jul.10, 2017

Kenneth Feinberg is expected to help deliver a settlement in FCA's diesel emission lawsuits.

In an attempt to move lawsuits filed against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV for alleged excess diesel emissions closer to a settlement, a federal judge announced his plan to appoint Kenneth Feinberg settlement master.

Fiat Chrysler hasn’t been found guilty of any charges yet, but that hasn’t stemmed a swell of lawsuits against the company over the matter. The affected vehicles include 104,000 Ram 1500 EcoDiesels and Jeep Grand Cherokees from 2014-2016.

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Feinberg is a well-known compensation expert, especially within the automotive industry as he oversaw General Motors compensation fund for victims and families of owners of GM cars with faulty ignition systems. (more…)