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Jeep Expands Grand Cherokee Offerings

New 2017 additions debut at NY Auto Show.

by on Mar.23, 2016

The 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk may be the most capable Grand Cherokee ever built.

Jeep continues to mine the Grand Cherokee line-up for more gold with two new editions for 2017: the Trailhawk and the Summit.

Called the “most capable” Grand Cherokee ever produced, the new model is counterbalanced by the Summit, which may be the most comfortable and plush model ever manufactured by the brand that is thought of as more rough and tumble than warm and fuzzy.

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“With our new Trailhawk and Summit models, Jeep Grand Cherokee becomes even more capable and more luxurious,” said Mike Manley, head of Jeep Brand – FCA Global. Adding more options to the Grand Cherokee portfolio makes sense as sales of the model rose 7% in 2015. (more…)

The Consumer Reports List To Avoid: Worst Vehicles

Magazine chronicles problem vehicles in all categories.

by on Feb.26, 2014

Taurus adds Torque Vectoring Control, which uses smart brake control to help the car smoothly accelerate through curves, which helps build confidence for drivers.

Consumer Reports cited the Ford Taurus as car to avoid due to reliability issues and a lack of interior space.

Annually, potential car buyers, industry observers and executives await Consumer Reports’ top picks for the year. What the list shows is there are plenty of great cars and trucks to choose from; however, the magazine doesn’t stop there.

While it doesn’t take long for everyone to figure out the mag thinks that Tesla’s Model S is the best car – maybe ever – and that the Dodge Ram is pushing to make the full-size pickup race a three-truck competition, there is a side of the industry that tends to get pushed by the wayside.

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The pub also creates a list of vehicles to avoid. Some on the list are not a shock, such as the Mitsubishi Lancer, but others are a bit of a surprise, including the Land Rover Evoque. (more…)

Chrysler Reveals Product Plans 2010 – 2014

Half of all future models will be Fiat-based in a plan that will take several years to implement.

by on Nov.04, 2009

The little Fiat Cinquicento, or 500, will be joining the Chrysler line-up, along with an array of other products derived from the Italian maker's own line-up.

The little Fiat Cinquicento, or 500, will be joining the Chrysler line-up, along with an array of other products derived from the Italian maker's line-up.

“Nobody’s promising a miracle here,” declared Chrysler’s new CEO Sergio Marchionne, as he wrapped up a day-long presentation that went into the minutia of his turnaround plan for the troubled U.S. automaker.

Nonetheless, observers might be excused for thinking otherwise in light of a plan that projects a doubling of Chrysler’s U.S. sales, by 2014, and a huge bump in market share, as well.

The good news is that Marchionne is no novice.  The Canadian-educated executive pulled off a similarly unlikely revival of Fiat, starting nearly six years ago.  Now, the Italian automaker will lend its talent, engineering and financial resources to Chrysler, which it gained control of as part of the U.S. maker’s bankruptcy.

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But most of all, Fiat will lend product, plenty of it, most notably the pint-sized Cinquicento, or 500, which will arrive in U.S. showrooms in 2013.  In all, said Marchionne, wrapping up the eight-hour session, Fiat-derived vehicles will account for roughly 50% of Chrysler’s volume-weighted product mix by the time the five-year revival plan wraps up.

And the European automaker’s diesel and small gasoline engines will make up around 40% of Chrysler’s powertrains.  Smaller displacement engines, and high efficiency technology, such as the Fiat Multiair direct injection system, will combine to boost Chrysler’s fleet averaged mileage 25% by 2014, Marchionne said.