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Chrysler Adding 1,000 Part-Timers at Toledo Plant

Strong Cherokee, Wrangler sales necessitate additions.

by on Mar.11, 2014

The demand for Jeep Cherokees and Wranglers has forced Chrysler to add as many as 1,000 part-time employees.

The fits and starts of production of the new Jeep Cherokee in Toledo have now morphed into a torrent of SUVs that in conjunction with a similar demand for the Wrangler have forced the maker to add 1,000 part-time employees.

The Toledo, Ohio plant where the two vehicles are built are adding these additional workers because the full-time employees are working as much as 60 hours a week, according to published reports.

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“Our people have been working a tremendous amount of hours,” plant manager Chuck Padden told the Toledo Blade. “To get them more time off is important to us, to make sure they’re refreshed, and can work safely.” (more…)