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Japan Makers Dominate Consumer Reports Reliability Survey

Detroit makers slip, European show serious problems.

by on Oct.25, 2011

Ford's Lincoln MKX came in for criticism in the latest Consumer Reports reliability study due to technical problems with its infotainment system.

Japanese automakers dominate the latest annual automotive reliability study by Consumer Reports magazine –- while Detroit makers suffered some unexpected setbacks and European brands, including those producing some of the marker’s most luxurious products, experienced significant reliability issues, according to more than 1 million owners who responded to the survey.

Led by Scion, the low-priced, youth-oriented Toyota brand, Japanese marques captured the top nine spots in the widely-followed study. Ford, meanwhile, which had become a benchmark for Detroit’s comeback in quality, suffered a sharp decline, plunging from 10th to 20th among the 28 brands covered by the study.

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“The fortunes have changed for the Big Three” overall, noted David Champion Consumer Reports’ chief of automotive testing, during a presentation to the Detroit Automotive Press Association.

Based on the results from 1.3 million surveys completed by CR subscribers, the data found Ford’s Explorer SUV, compact Focus and subcompact Fiesta models all coming in below average during their first year on the market, while several previously well-rated models dropped to below average due to a mix of problems.