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Ford Motor Ousts Toyota from Number Two Spot!

Final U.S. January sales numbers reveal upset.

by on Feb.02, 2010

More momentum for Ford as Toyota stumbles.

Ford Motor Company, helped by strong fleet sales and large decline at beleaguered Toyota, has moved solidly into the Number Two spot for U.S. sales results.

At least part of the credit doesn’t reside with Ford marketing. On January 26, Toyota Motor Sales suspended sales of the eight Toyota models involved in the accelerator pedal recall, negatively affecting Toyota’s January sales. The eight models represented more than 60%  of Toyota’s inventory at the time.

Whether this is a temporary reversal or part of a longer term changing of the automotive guard remains to be seen.

Stay Informed!

General Motors remains solidly in first place in the U.S., and American Honda – in fourth place – is in a very close race with number five Nissan.

Overall, January vehicle sales rose 6% when compared with what was a dismal month in January 2009.

Chart follows.   (more…)

Chrysler Group Sales Decline 8% in January

Mildly positive trend predicted - share is expected to increase?

by on Feb.02, 2010

The best seller in the company, and that's part of the problem, over reliance on trucks.

Chrysler Group reported total U.S. sales for January of 57,143 units, a decrease of 8% when compared with the same period last year when it sold 62,157 units.

Inventory at 172,803 vehicles, is down 52% compared with January 2009 when the insolvent company had 359,980 units on hand. Chrysler says that at current selling rates, this represents a 73-day supply, which is roughly inline with usual industry practices.

Last year, the insolvent company forced vehicles on dealers in a desperate and ultimately failed attempt to stay afloat.

Overall, industry figures for January are projected to come in at an estimated 10.9 million units for the Seasonally Adjusted Annual Selling Rate, which was heavily boosted in early returns by fleet sales in the 25% to 30% range of total sales at Ford Motor Company and General Motors Company.

Chrysler does not break out fleet sales on a monthly basis, but a spokesperson told that fleet was “inline with industry trends” for January. For the 2010 calendar year, Chrysler says that it wants to maintain fleet sales at about 25% of total.

Chrysler is currently offering owners of Toyota Tundra, Tacoma and Sienna vehicles  an additional $1,000 trade-in cash bonus with the purchase or lease of any new Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge car or Ram truck. In addition, $1,000 “bonus cash” is available to all Toyota returning lessees who purchase or lease a new Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge car or Ram truck vehicle.

The company is also continuing  “Zero Percent Financing” for most 2010 model-year vehicles. The  “Invest in America” partnership with more than 90 million credit union members in the United States offers a member-preferred pricing program on all 2010 model year vehicles.

In January, ten Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles posted year-over-year sales gains, including Chrysler Sebring and Town & Country; Jeep Compass; Dodge Avenger, Journey and Caravan. The company is predicting a share increase when  final numbers are in.

However, all of the Ram trucks posted big declines. It might be too soon to say things have turned around.  Chart follows.   (more…)

General Motors January Sales Increase 14%

GM still facing major sales and brand restoration work, though.

by on Feb.02, 2010

Malibu is the best-selling Chevy car at more than three times Camaro's volume.

U.S. dealers for General Motors delivered 146,825 vehicles in January of 2010, a sales increase of 14% from the previous year.

The surviving post-bankruptcy “core brands,”  Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac,  reported retail sales of 102,420, up 3% compared to January 2009, and 145,098 in total sales, or +30%.

GM attributed the positive results to the continued growth of new crossovers and passenger cars.

The upshot is that GM is slowly improving, but still has major sales and brand restoring work in front of it – if it wants to increase profitability and retain, or perhaps increase marketshare during the coming year. It is 8,000 units ahead in total units when compared to last January.

Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac made up 98% of retail sales in January, compared to 85% a year earlier. U.S. retail sales, including the other defunct brands, were 104,122 during the month. This represents a 10% decline from a year ago, according to GM, since Pontiac, Saturn, Saab and Hummer sales were drastically ( -90%) lower.

GM dealers delivered 42,703 fleet vehicles, or 29% of total deliveries for the month.

“This is the fourth month in a row that Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac have shown a collective year-over-year retail sales increase,” said Susan Docherty, GM vice president, Sales, Service and Marketing. “Our long-term plan to continue to focus and strengthen our brands is delivering results.”

In the pony car wars, Chevrolet dealers sold 5,371 Camaros – the eighth straight month it has outsold Mustang.  Chart follows.   (more…)