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Toyota Suggests Runaway Prius Incident a Hoax

Backed by NHTSA, Toyota says no evidence James Sikes' Prius was out of control.

by on Mar.15, 2010

James Sikes is now at the center of the Toyota sudden acceleration crisis.

Toyota is casting further doubt on the claims of a Prius hybrid owner who last week claimed his vehicle suddenly accelerated to 94 mph on a California freeway, racing out of control until he was assisted by a highway patrol officer.

The automaker said it was unable to find a cause for the sudden acceleration incident motorist James Sikes claims occurred on March 8th.  The automaker’s position is lent support by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, whose investigators joined Toyota to analyze Sikes’ Prius last week. (Click Here: Another Report of a Prius With a Stuck Pedal?)

“While a final report is not yet complete, there are strong indications that the driver’s account of the event is inconsistent with the findings of the preliminary analysis,” the maker announced during a news conference Monday afternoon.

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A statement from NHTSA did leave open the possibility that the claim was valid and a cause might never be found, however.

“We would caution people that our work continues and that we may never know exactly what happened with this car,” the safety agency noted in a statement.