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Jaguar Returns to Racing with New I-Type Electric

British maker set to join Formula E series

by on Sep.08, 2016

Jaguar will develop its own powertrain for the I-Type.

After a pouting absence following its failure in Formula 1, Jaguar is readying a return to racing, but don’t expect to hear the screech of a new V-10 or turbo engine. Jaguar’s all-new I-Type racer will move in near silence as part of the Formula E series.

The British maker will team up with – appropriately enough – battery and electronics giant Panasonic for the groundbreaking electric racing series. The partners pulled the covers off their new racer today, dubbing it I-Type 1. It will be driven in anger for the first time on October 9th, when the new Formula E season gets underway in Hong Kong.

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Considering its long motor sports history, which reached apogee on the circuit of Le Mans with legendary models like the C- and D-Types and, later, the XJR-19, why Formula E. Because, said team chairman Gerd Mauser, it’s “an innovative series with competitive, close racing in front of urban audiences. It develops EV tech and helps change the perception of electric cars.”


Jaguar Adding Manual Transmission, AWD to F-Type

British nameplate creates a F-Type for every taste.

by on Nov.19, 2014

Jaguar's Russ Varney discusses the new F-Type R at the L.A. Auto Show.

While other carmakers, such as rivals Lexus and Porsche, are moving away manual transmissions, Jaguar is moving in the opposite direction. In fact, the sports luxury brand appears to be creating a Jag for type of driver.

Executives from Jaguar Land Rover used the Los Angeles Auto Show’s press preview to announce that the planned to introduce a Jaguar F-Type equipped with a V6 engine and a six-speed manual gear box built by ZF as part of the company’s overall effort to broaden the F-Type line-up, according to Russ Varney, chief program engineer, Jaguar Sports Cars.

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However, not only did the venerable British marque add a little gear-shifting fun to its line-up, it’s also making sure that if you want all four wheels to do the work of just two, that’s available now as well: the F-Type R Coupe can be gotten with all-wheel drive and, in the U.S., a 550 horsepower V8 engine. (more…)

Jaguar’s F-Type Convertible Driving Sales

Droptop drawing new customers to dealer showrooms.

by on Jun.20, 2014

Jaguar's advertising campaign for the F-Type Convertible has been a hit in the U.S. and is drawing new customers to its showrooms.

When the Jaguar’s F-Type Convertible was unveiled, it created a lot of buzz with upscale car aficionados. Those types of vehicles are often produced to make a statement and draw attention to a brand.

If that was Jaguar’s plan, consider it mission accomplished in the U.S. as F-Type Convertible is boosting traffic in Jaguar’s showrooms across the country and boosting sales of all Jag models.

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“It’s helped all off our cars,” said Wayne Kung, product communications manager, Jaguar North America. (more…)

Jaguar Reveals Plans For New XE Compact Sedan

XE will go aluminum and introduce new "Ingenium" engine family.

by on Mar.04, 2014

Jaguar offers a first look at the upcoming XE sedan.

The long-awaited compact Jaguar sports sedan will be dubbed the XE, the British maker confirmed during a Geneva Motor Show news conference, adding that the next Jaguar model to migrate to an “aluminum-intensive” design.

The sedan will be a critical addition to the Jaguar line-up and will mark the beginning of the end of the maker’s ties to former parent Ford Motor Co., the XE to be the first model to be powered by Jaguar’s new Ingenium family of engines.

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While Jaguar offered just a hint of what’s coming during a Geneva preview, the maker’s CEO Ralf Speth confirmed a production version of the sedan will debut later this year.  The Jaguar XE will begin to roll out in 2015, though it won’t reach the critical U.S. market, long the maker’s largest, until 2016.


Automakers See Sales Mirror Winter Weather: Cold, Cold and Cold

Fiat Chrysler defies trend with 8% increase.

by on Feb.03, 2014

Nissan enjoyed a sales increase in January as did it's luxury sibling, Infiniti.

High-flying luxury brands, middle-market nameplates and smaller boutique brands all suffered as new car sales slid 2% for January, failing to live up to the optimistic expectations of carmakers and analysts who are predicting total sales of 16 million units this year.

The record cold weather that has swept across much of the U.S. in recent weeks has apparently put car sales in the deep freeze – a situation analysts suggest was worsened by the slide in stock prices that has again raised concerns about the nation’s on-again/off-again economic recovery.

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While a few manufacturers were able to buck the downward trend, key makers including General Motors and Volkswagen saw sales tumble last month. And the industry saw average transaction prices – the amount consumers actually paid for a vehicle after factoring in incentives and options – slide after months of reaching new records. (more…)

Buyers Showing Love for All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles

Sales have increased five points in five years.

by on Dec.13, 2013

Subaru's sales jump this year is helping to push sales of all-wheel-drive-equipped vehicles to new highs.

With nasty winter weather dominating the headlines the past few years, it would seem people are buying vehicles better equipped to handle the elements: sales of all-wheel-drive vehicles have risen five percentage points in five years.

Nearly one-third – 31.3% – of new vehicles sold through September were equipped with either all- or four-wheel drive. This is up from 26.3% during the same nine-month span of 2008, according to data from Polk, an automotive research firm in Southfield, Mich.

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While Mother Nature may have played a small role in the increase, more likely it’s the rising sales of crossovers and small sport-utilities as well as companies that feature AWD vehicles, such as Audi and Subaru, that have spurred the change. (more…)

Jaguar, Mini Buyers Happier than Other New Car Buyers

Two brands top 2013 J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Survey.

by on Nov.15, 2013

According to J.D. Power, Jaguar buyers were the happiest with their purchase experience this year among luxury car buyers.

Jaguar and Mini buyers are happiest with their purchase experience, according to the results of J.D. Power’s 2013 U.S. Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) Study released today.

Jaguar ranked first among luxury buyers with a score of 740 points followed closely by Porsche (739) and Lexus (737).

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“This accolade demonstrates that our retailers continue to exceed customer expectations and are dedicated to delivering a great experience from the very beginning of the relationship,” said Jeff Curry, Brand Vice President, Jaguar North America, in a statement. (more…)

Jaguar Likely to Launch a Wave of New, Small Vehicles

Production version of C-X17, other offerings may follow.

by on Sep.17, 2013

Jaguar is looking to expand its base of buyers with models, like the C-X17 crossover concept.

Jaguar has confirmed plans to launch an all-new small sedan and shown a concept version of what could become its first-ever crossover/utility vehicle. But has learned that still other options based on the maker’s new, lightweight compact “architecture” could follow these to market.

That would help a company long stuck with a limited handful of products begin to compete more directly with the leaders in the luxury market, such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW, who are engaged in a major proliferation of model lines. More importantly, it would let Jaguar rapidly catch up in the fastest-growing segment of the global luxury automotive market.

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“We’re planning to use this architecture to span quite a range of products,” explained Jaguar Vehicle Line Director Kevin Stride. The goal is to spread those over a “breadth of segments…and sizes,” adds the long-time Jaguar engineer. (more…)

Jaguar Moving Ahead with New Entry-Luxury Model

New compact sedan expected to debut in 2015.

by on Jul.23, 2013

Jaguar is racing to update and expand its line-up. The new F-Type shown here will soon be joined by a new compact luxury model.

After a long wait, Jaguar is finally getting ready to broaden its lineup with the addition of a new entry-level luxury vehicle it hopes will keep pace with competitors from Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, which have fashioned strategies for moving into the low-end segment while maintaining their image of prestige and luxury.

While Wayne Burgess, director of Jaguar’s production design studio, told TheDetroitBureau,com he wasn’t at liberty to discuss the direction of Jaguar’s future product plans, he and other company executives have repeatedly made it clear that an entry-level vehicle is critical to the British maker’s line-up.

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A major problem for Jaguar is that since it abandoned the X-Type in 2009 it hasn’t had a low-end model to funnel first-time luxury buyers into the brand. That makes it harder, in the long-run, to maintain a steady clientele for other, higher-end products such as the Jaguar XF and XJ models.


F-Type Ads Aimed At “Youth Minded”

Campaign supports Jag’s new sports car.

by on May.14, 2013

Jaguar is kicking off a new advertising campaign for the F-Type across a variety of media.

Jaguar is kicking off a new advertising campaign featuring its new F-Type that includes both television and a heavy dose of social media to help shape perceptions of Jag’s new sports car.

Dubbed “Your Turn,” the campaign supporting the launch of the all-new F-Type, Jaguar’s first new true sports car model in 50 years, which also represents a return to the company’s heartland, a two-seater, convertible sports car, focus on performance, agility and driver connection.

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“We have built on Jaguar’s sports car heritage which stretches over 75 years, and in the F-Type we have reignited the flame,” said Adrian Hallmark, global brand director of Jaguar.