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Jaguar Smashes Through 200 MPH Barrier with New F-Type SVR

First look ahead of Geneva Motor Show debut.

by on Feb.17, 2016

The F-Type SVR will hit 200 in coupe trim, but can only muster 195 mph with the ragtop.

Jaguar scored a big hit with the launch of its F-Type convertible three years ago, but it hasn’t been resting on its laurels, steadily adding new ragtop and convertible variants meant to boost performance and build demand.

The latest twist comes with the debut of the Jaguar yF-Type SVR – the first version capable of hitting 200 mph. Officially, the public won’t get a first look until early next month, when the British maker rolls out the new supercar at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, but we’ve gotten our digital hands on some details and a few images ahead of that official debut.

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“Our objective was to take everything that our customers love about F-Type – the performance, the handling, the sound, the design – and take it to a whole new level,” says John Edwards, the managing director of Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations. “It’s a 200-mph all-weather supercar.”


Jaguar Adds Standard Gear, Increases Warranty on F-Type

Brits “hit the gas” as part of sales push.

by on Mar.23, 2015

The Jaguar F-Type R Coupe.

Jaguar is in the midst of a rapid rollout of both new products and powertrains. Now, it’s increasing the mix of standard equipment on its F-Type model, while also stretching the sports car’s warranty in a bid to boost sales.

After years of struggle, Jaguar is hoping it can build the same sort of momentum as its British sibling, the Land Rover brand, especially in the U.S. market.

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“The Jaguar F-TYPE in three short years has become the heart and soul of the modern Jaguar brand,” said Rob Filipovic, product planning chief for Jaguar Land Rover North America.


Jaguar Confirms Plans to Build F-Type Project 7

Official unveiling planned at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

by on Jun.25, 2014

Jaguar plans to build just 250 of the Project 7 roadsters.

It hasn’t exactly been the best-kept secret, but a year after showing off its exotic, race-inspired concept Jaguar confirms it will show the production version of its F-Type Project 7 roadster at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this coming weekend.

The launch of the street-legal two-seater marks the 60th anniversary of the formidable Jaguar D-Type racers that dominated at the 24 Hours of Le Mans – and which inspired the new roadster. The British maker plans to produce just 250 Project 7 cars, which will be the most powerful version of the F-Type sports car yet brought to market.

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The production model will differ from the concept shown at the 2013 Goodwood Festival in several key ways: it now will provide a second seat for a passenger, with rollover hoops for both occupants now integrated into the design. Meanwhile, Jaguar says that to make the Project 7 legal for use on U.S. roads, the American version will be equipped with a full height windshield.


Jaguar’s F-Type Convertible Driving Sales

Droptop drawing new customers to dealer showrooms.

by on Jun.20, 2014

Jaguar's advertising campaign for the F-Type Convertible has been a hit in the U.S. and is drawing new customers to its showrooms.

When the Jaguar’s F-Type Convertible was unveiled, it created a lot of buzz with upscale car aficionados. Those types of vehicles are often produced to make a statement and draw attention to a brand.

If that was Jaguar’s plan, consider it mission accomplished in the U.S. as F-Type Convertible is boosting traffic in Jaguar’s showrooms across the country and boosting sales of all Jag models.

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“It’s helped all off our cars,” said Wayne Kung, product communications manager, Jaguar North America. (more…)

Maserati May Go Head-to-Head with Jaguar F-Type

Debut one of the big secrets at Geneva Motor Show.

by on Mar.03, 2014

What surprise does Maserati have in store?

Little Maserati is likely to have some big news coming out of Geneva this week – and we’re not talking about the debut of the Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna Limited Edition. Yes, okay, there will likely be more than enough buyers to snap up that special model, of which just 100 will be made, marking the Italian marques 100th anniversary – but the reason we expect to be fighting for space at the Geneva Motor Show preview is the anticipation that Maserati is ready to reveal its answer to the hot-selling Jaguar F-Type.

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That would be perfectly in line with the Italian maker’s growing ambitions – and fast-expanding line-up, which recently saw the launch of the all-new Ghibli and a new version of the Quattroporte coupe.

For its part, Maserati isn’t saying much more than is needed to whet everyone’s appetite, hinging that there will be “the much talked about unveiling of a new concept car outlining the Maseratis of the next 100 years.”


Marketing Veteran Eberhard Returns to US as New Jaguar/Land Rover Boss

Eberhardt arrives at critical time for JLR.

by on Dec.19, 2013

Joe Eberhardt becomes the new JLR CEO in the US effective immediately.

With competition in the car business, growing more intense each quarter, it’s no surprise that front-line marketing and sales executives have become something of an expendable commodity.

This week Chris Perry, a veteran marketing executive who had left Hyundai for a job at General Motors’ Chevrolet Division back in 2010, has handed in his resignation, while both one-time GM superstar Susan Docherty, head of Chevrolet marketing in Europe, and Don Butler, the head of Cadillac marketing, have left the company.

But at least one U.S. automotive marketing veteran is making his return.   Jaguar Land Rover has hired Joachim “Joe” Eberhardt to head its U.S. operations effective immediately. Eberhardt has had a series of swings through the U.S. over the past two decades, both with mainstream and luxury brands.

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“Joe brings a proven industry track record, and valuable global leadership experience in luxury sales, service and marketing. We look forward to Joe leading our North American team in working with our retail networks to further grow the business and better serve our customers,” said Andy Goss, Group Sales Operations Director, Jaguar Land Rover.


Jaguar Has Big Plans for New F-Type Coupe

Hardtop model expected to handily outsell F-Type convertible.

by on Nov.20, 2013

Jaguar design chief Ian Callum presides over the debut of the new F-Type Coupe in Los Angeles.

Few recent product launches have generated as much buzz as that of the Jaguar F-Type, a 2-seat sports car widely hailed as the “spiritual successor” to the British marque’s legendary E-Type.

But kudos are one thing, reality another, and despite strong early demand for the 2014 Jaguar F-Type, the convertible body limits its appeal in many parts of the world – which is why the maker is revealing the new F-Type Coupe at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week.

Keep on Top with a Free Subscription! got a first look at the hardtop sports car and if our initial reaction reflects what show-goers will experience, Jaguar is likely to have some serious trouble keeping up with demand. Indeed, the maker is forecasting that the new Coupe will account for well over half of F-Type sales once it goes on sale next spring. (more…)

Jaguar to Reveal New F-Type Coupe at LA Auto Show

North American launch in spring 2014.

by on Nov.05, 2013

The Coupe version of the Jaguar F-Type will reach U.S. dealer showrooms next spring.

Hoping to expand upon the success of its new F-Type convertible, Jaguar plans to introduce a coupe version of the sports car at the upcoming LA Auto Show and follow up with an Asian preview at the Tokyo Motor Show a day later.

Dubbed the “spiritual successor” to the legendary E-Type, the Jaguar F-Type has scored a long list of kudos – and strong sales – since its debut earlier this year, including honors as the World Car Design of the Year.

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“We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reaction to the F-Type Convertible, but for me the purity of creating a sports Coupe is a uniquely satisfying process – and I know that both visually and dynamically, F-Type Coupe raises the bar yet again,” said Jaguar’s global design director Ian Callum.


Jaguar Moving Ahead with New Entry-Luxury Model

New compact sedan expected to debut in 2015.

by on Jul.23, 2013

Jaguar is racing to update and expand its line-up. The new F-Type shown here will soon be joined by a new compact luxury model.

After a long wait, Jaguar is finally getting ready to broaden its lineup with the addition of a new entry-level luxury vehicle it hopes will keep pace with competitors from Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, which have fashioned strategies for moving into the low-end segment while maintaining their image of prestige and luxury.

While Wayne Burgess, director of Jaguar’s production design studio, told TheDetroitBureau,com he wasn’t at liberty to discuss the direction of Jaguar’s future product plans, he and other company executives have repeatedly made it clear that an entry-level vehicle is critical to the British maker’s line-up.

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A major problem for Jaguar is that since it abandoned the X-Type in 2009 it hasn’t had a low-end model to funnel first-time luxury buyers into the brand. That makes it harder, in the long-run, to maintain a steady clientele for other, higher-end products such as the Jaguar XF and XJ models.


First Look: Jaguar Project 7

Forward into the past.

by on Jul.10, 2013

Jaguar will reveal the Project 7 at this weekend's Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Fresh from the launch of the F-Type, its first all-new sport cars in half a century, Jaguar plans to lift the cover on a dramatic new concept car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this coming weekend.

Dubbed the Project 7, the chopped-top roadster is meant to honor the British brand’s seven victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance between 1951 and 1990, something signaled by a few retro touches, such as the single turret flowing from behind the driver’s seat, a signature of the once-dominant Jaguar D-Type racers. The blue paintwork is also reminiscent of the victorious Jaguar D-type cars of 1956 and 1957.

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“Project 7 is a single-seat sports car based on the F-Type, with the kind of racing-inspired form that designers dream about,” explains Jaguar’s global design director Ian Callum. “It has one purpose: to be driven fast and enjoyed. Jaguar sports cars are known for exceptional performance and clean design. Project 7 captures that spirit in its purest form.”