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Jaguar Recalls New XF for Engine Stalling

British-built car runs out of gas at a quarter tank indicated.

by on Nov.09, 2009

The Jag's engine dies at 1/4 tank indicated on the gauge.

The engine dies without warning, won't restart with fuel remaining indicated on the gauge.

Jaguar Land Rover North America is recalling more than 2100 of its latest 2010 XF models with the 4.2-liter gasoline engine because of a “kinked” fuel pipe. The problem may stop fuel from being transferred from one side of the fuel tank to the fuel pump and cause fuel starvation at low fuel levels.

Owners may find the engine stalling without warning even though the fuel gauge reads one-quarter tank full.

There have been six reports of engine cut-out while the vehicle has been traveling on the highway.

Jaguar says that when the vehicle speed drops below the torque converter speed lock-up threshold or the point at which the rear wheels disengage from the engine. Power Assisted Steering (PAS) and Brake Vacuum Reservoir replenishment will then be lost.

The mechanical steering will remain functional – although this requires great effort and is quite surprising to the driver in our experience. The braking system will also remain functional with a large increase in brake pedal effort. At speed this could be disastrous.

End Auto News Starvation!

End Auto News Starvation!

Jaguar reports that once the engine has cutout the vehicle will not restart until it has been refueled.