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Jaguar Set to Reveal 2nd SUV

New Jaguar E-Pace to make world premiere on July 13 in London.

by on Jun.21, 2017

The new Jaguar E-Pace will compete with compact SUVs like the Audi Q3.

Jaguar is adding a second utility vehicle to its line-up, the compact E-Pace set to make its debut in London next month, with sales set to start in early 2018.

The compact performance utility vehicle will complement the bigger F-Pace which has already become the British marque’s best-seller since going on sale last year. Meanwhile, Jaguar is working up a third ute, the battery-powered I-Pace that is still more than a year from coming to market.

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While Jaguar is saving a number of details for the London debut on July 13 it has already confirmed that the E-Pace will carry a base price of $38,600 – plus delivery fees – or about $3,000 less than the starting price for the 2017 F-Pace.


Jaguar Crosses Over with New F-Pace

Beyond sports cars to British marque's first-ever sport-ute.

by on Sep.14, 2015

Jaguar's F-Pace could be the first of several utility vehicles the maker eventually may offer.

Jaguar is set to take perhaps the biggest risk in its 93-year history, but one that could yield the sort of payoff the long-struggling British brand desperately needs.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show this week, Jaguar will formally unveil its first-ever utility vehicle, the F-Pace. The crossover, which shares its underlying platform with more traditional models like the newly redesigned Jaguar XF, risks alienating traditional buyers. But it could also attract the sort of luxury buyers who have long steered clear of the British marque.

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“We designed the all-new F-Pace to be first and foremost a Jaguar,” insists Ian Callum, the brand’s chief designer. But company officials acknowledge that the new utility vehicle could come as a shock to those who traditionally associate the name, Jaguar, with sleek and sensuous sports cars, like the legendary E-Type, as well as sporty coupes and sedans.


Jaguar Offers First Full Look at New F-Pace Utility Vehicle

by on Aug.26, 2015

The development of the Jaguar F-Pace was influenced by the XE sedan and F-Type sports car.

With its first-ever utility vehicle set to make its formal debut in Frankfurt next month, we’re getting a clear look at the new Jaguar F-Pace for the first time.

And the maker is trying to make clear that the new crossover-utility vehicle won’t be a brand misfit. Even while noting the functional attributes of the new Jaguar F-Pace, the British maker is emphasizing its more emotional side, dubbing it “the ultimate practical Jaguar sports car.”

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“We haven’t made any compromises or exceptions,” said chief engineer Mike Cross, in a statement accompany this image. “The new F-PACE had to be a true Jaguar and had to deliver the dynamics DNA. We’ve tested ride and handling to the limit, and the result is that the new F-PACE is as engaging and rewarding to drive as it is comfortable and quiet. As soon as you get into the vehicle you know immediately that it’s a good place to be.”


Jaguar Working Up Second SUV, the J-Pace

New ute would be larger than upcoming F-Pace crossover.

by on Jun.03, 2015

Jaguar's F-Pace is the first in an expanding line-up of crossovers for the luxury maker.

Mercedes-Benz and BMW helped redefine the concept of a luxury car with the launch of their M-Class and X5 models, and despite initial controversy, Porsche’s Cayenne is now its top-selling model. But for years, Jaguar insisted it didn’t need a utility vehicle in its line-up, leaving that part of the market to its partner brand Land Rover.

Now, even before its first utility vehicle, the F-Pace crossover comes to market, the British maker is reportedly getting ready to add a second ute to the line-up, one expected to be called the Jaguar J-Pace.

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The move, initially reported by Britain’s Car magazine, makes perfect sense, according to several sources who spoke to Utility vehicles are becoming as dominant a factor in the luxury market as they are in the mainstream. Even ultra-lux players like Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Maserati and Bentley are entering the fray, so Jaguar has stood as the odd man out until now. (more…)

Jaguar Set to Launch its First Crossover Model

CUV will share key components with compact XE sedan.

by on Jan.11, 2015

Jaguar will add its first crossover in 2016.

Jaguar wants to keep pace with the fast-changing global luxury market, and that means it will debut its first crossover-utility vehicle, the F-Pace, at this week’s North American International Auto Show.

The new model is part of a broad array of changes planned for the luxury maker and its British sibling, Land Rover, both of which will also launch a new generation of high-mileage clean diesel options across their product lines.

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The F-Pace, which will join the Jaguar family next year, is the production version of the C-X17 concept vehicle first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013. It marks a dramatic shift in strategy at a brand that long debated even adding a station wagon to its line-up.


New Crossovers Could Blur the Lines Between Jaguar, Land Rover

Vehicles would stay true to brand image.

by on Oct.06, 2014

Last year Jaguar revealed the C-X17 concept, which could be the basis for the maker's crossover. However, it could also be the same for Land Rover.

With the upcoming launch of its new XE sedan, Jaguar hopes to re-enter the critical compact car market, but the debut at this month’s Paris Motor Show is significant for a number of other reasons.

The new XE will be the first Jaguar model to use the new Ingenium line of four-cylinder engines. Significantly, the British maker will share those fuel-efficient new powertrains with its sibling brand, Land Rover. Indeed, going forward there will be far more cooperation between the two brands than ever before, including the development of a new “architecture” that will be used as the foundation for a number of new crossover-utility vehicles.

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That raises concerns among some observers about whether Jaguar and Land Rover might wind up blurring the lines that separate the two brands in a bid to expand their product ranges while holding down hefty development costs. (more…)

Jaguar C-X17 Concept Hints at First CUV

British maker continues to expand its reach.

by on Sep.03, 2013

Jaguar will reveal the C-X17 concept at Frankfurt - but could the production version be far behind?

Jaguar could be ready to make a major shift in direction, at least if the C-X17 concept vehicle it plans to unleash at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show is any indication.

The British automaker has long restricted itself to a narrow niche of luxury sedans, coupes and sports cars, only reluctantly adding a pair of wagons over the previous decade.  But the Jaguar C-X17 suggests that a new crossover-utility vehicle may finally be in the works, a belated concession that the highline automotive market has rapidly transformed itself in recent years, bigger competitors such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz racing to fill in every possible niche.

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According to a terse release accompanying this teaser image, “The C-X17 has been created as a design study to introduce Jaguar’s new, highly-advanced, modular aluminum architecture.  The concept illustrates the diversity of vehicles that could be produced using this architecture, which underpins the innovative future of the Jaguar brand.”


Jaguar “Chills Out” With New AWD Line-Up

Adding an “emotional fulcrum” – and more product to come.

by on Aug.16, 2012

Jaguar's new all-wheel-drive XJ goes through cold-weather testing.

Considering the record-breaking heat that’s scorched much of the country one might expect a significant turnout as Jaguar’s “Chill NY” event gets underway in New York this week.  The event, which gives Big Apple residents the opportunity to skate inside what the maker bills as a “life-size snow globe,” will also feature celebrities Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski and Johnny Weir.

But Jaguar is hoping the real attraction will be the chance to get a first look at the maker’s newest models, all-wheel-drive versions of its flagship  XJ and smaller XF sedans – products the maker expects to give the brand a massive sales boost in the months ahead.

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The arrival of the first AWD models since the old X-Type was abandoned is part of a broader product roll-out that also includes the addition of Jaguar’s new V-6 line-up.  Taking together, “This is a massive deal,” contends Andy Goss, president and CEO of Jaguar-Land Rover North America, “because the market has migrated away from V-8s to V-6 engines, (and another)  big problem for us has been we didn’t have all-wheel-drive.“


Jaguar/Land Rover Planning 40 New Models, Variants and Major Technology Introductions

British brands plan to shift from niche to mainstream.

by on May.03, 2011

A production version of the striking C-X75 concept would push the number of new Jaguar models and variants to 41.

It has been a roller-coaster ride for Jaguar over the last 15 years, but now part of the ambitious Indian Tata Motors, the British automaker has some ambitious plans in the work along with its sibling Land Rover brand.

Senior company officials tell that the two brands will jointly be launching a major product assault over the next five years with the goal of lifting Jaguar and Land Rover out of their low-volume niches and planting them much more firmly in the luxury mainstream.

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“We’ll be launching 40 new cars, derivatives and (major) technologies from Jaguar/Land Rover in the next five years,” said Adrian Hallmark, who joined Jaguar as its Global Brand Director last October.

The list of new programs breaks down into three categories: (more…)