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Power Finds Dependability Lags Perceptions

Two-thirds of all makers post improvements in reliability.

by on Mar.18, 2010

Brands don't get the credit earned, including Lincoln, which placed 2nd in Dependability.

Perceptions often lag reality, especially in the auto industry, where some brands have far more quality problems than their image might reflect – and other have markedly better reliability than their reputation would suggest.

So, the results of the latest annual Vehicle Dependability Study, from J.D. Power and Associates, may take many folks by surprise.

The 2010 VDS, which looks at problems owners have experienced with three-year-old vehicles, finds Japanese makers capturing nine segment awards, while Detroit makers win seven and Europeans three.  But, more notably, the study reveals that a number of Detroit and Korean brands are performing far better than conventional wisdom might suggest.

Rely On Us!

“Producing vehicles with world-class quality is just part of the battle for automakers,  said David Sargent, JDPA’s vice president of global vehicle research.  But, he adds, convincing consumers to believe in their quality is equally as important.”