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Lamborghini Unleashes New Huracan LP610-4

Long-awaited Gallardo replacement revealed.

by on Dec.20, 2013

No bull...the new Lamborghini Huracan is finally here.

Confirming a week of rumors and speculation, Lamborghini has unveiled the long-awaited replacement for its smaller model, the Gallardo, and it’s likely many will be calling the new Huracan LP610-4 the Baby Aventador.

The new two-seater borrows heavily from its big brother, starting with the now-familiar wedge shape, the sides sculpted to draw additional air in for the rear-mounted engine through scoops just behind the passenger compartment.

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For those who might want to plant this beast under the tree – or in the garage – for Christmas, your local Lambo dealer might be willing to take a deposit now but you’ll have to wait some months before deliveries begin.  The Italian subsidiary of Volkswagen AG has yet to reveal U.S. pricing, though the 2013 Gallardo starts at $181,900.


First Look: Lamborghini Veneno

Track-ready road car markets Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary.

by on Mar.04, 2013

One of only three copies of the Lamborghini Veneno made its debut in Geneva Monday night.

Like a well-toned athlete, Automobili Lamborghini is aging gracefully, and to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Italian maker will roll out the 222 mph Veneno.

That’s not the number that’s likely to take your breath away, however. Lambo plans to produce only three copies of the track-ready, road car – for 3 million Euros apiece, or roughly $4 million at the current exchange rate.

Launching from 0 to 60 in just 2.8 seconds, the Veneno is “the fastest, most powerful on-road Lamborghini we’ve ever built,” said the maker’s CEO Stephan Winkelmann, during a Geneva Motor Show preview.

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In keeping with a half-century-old tradition, the name for the Lamborghini Veneno originates from a legendary fighting bull – in this case one claimed to be among the fastest in the history of the ring, who gained notoriety in 1914 when he gored to death one of the most famous matadors of his day, Jose Sanchez Rodriguez.


Lamborghini Reveals One-Off Aventador J

A hint of what’s to come?

by on Mar.06, 2012

CEO Stephan Winkelmann reveals the one-off Lamborghini Aventador J.

It’s definitely not the sort of car you’d want to take you back into downtown Geneva after the auto show winds up for the day but for a run through the Swiss countryside there’d likely be few things that could beat the Lamborghini Aventador J making its debut at the Geneva Motor Show today.

The 700-horsepower, one-off “comes from a different time,” suggested Stephan Winkelmann, the CEO of the Italian automaker, “a time when cars were lighter, and naked.”

We’re not sure about the naked part but you’re definitely exposed to the elements behind the wheel of the 700-pound roadster, which draws power from  a 6.5-liter V-12 that pumps out power through a permanent four-by-four system.

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Priced at $2.1 million – before  the unnamed buyer coughs up the additional VAT tax – the Aventador J was meant to underscore “one of the missions of Lamborghini,” suggested Winkelmann, which “is to fulfill dreams.  And as long as we do cars like this, our brand as a bright future.”


Lamborghini Seeking Balance Between Performance and “Social Acceptance”

Smaller, third-model, possibly even a hybrid could come from Italian supercar maker.

by on Mar.08, 2011

Lamborghini offsets the added performance of the new Aventador with the use of super-light carbon fiber.

If you want anything faster you might have to hitch a ride off an aircraft carrier.  The new Lamborghini Aventador’s 700-horsepower V12 can propel the supercar from 0 to 100 kmh (62.5 mph) in just 2.9 seconds, about as fast as a skydiver accelerates during freefall.

Performance is the watchword for the Italian brand, whose emblem is a raging bull – indeed, the new Aventador was named after a legendary fighting bull.  Yet for all the emphasis on power and speed, the Volkswagen subsidiary cannot ignore the issue of what CEO Stefan Winkelmann calls “social acceptance.”

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“We can’t turn the clock back” to the days when brands like Lamborghini could ignore mounting concerns about the environment, Winkelmann tells  “We have to do something about social acceptance.”

And that could lead to some surprising moves by the supercar maker, perhaps even the introduction of a hybrid-electric powertrain as it moves forward with plans to add a third model to its current, two-platform line-up.


First Look: Pagani Huayra

Supercar will hit 60 faster than you can pronounce its name.

by on Feb.16, 2011

Italian supercar maker Pagani is finally set for a U.S. debut with the upcoming launch of the Huayra.

Who says it’s the year of the electric vehicle?  That was so, well, January.  Anyone who attended the recent Chicago Auto Show knows the spotlight has shifted to performance, with the Windy City preview of the Dodge Charger SRT8 and Camaro ZL1.

For someone with the money and desire to have something more exclusive – and quicker yet – Pagani is ready to step in.  And, yes, for those who’ve been following the Italian supercar company, founded in 1992 by former Lamborghini executive Horacio Pagani, the Modena-based maker is finally ready to launch itself into the U.S.

Though you’ll find a few of the old Zondas in the States, they were never formally distributed here, but Pagani plans to set up a formal dealer network now – though we’ll have to wait for specific details.  The good news is that the company’s latest engineering marvel, the Huayra, will arrive sometime this year.