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Automakers Want Vehicles Talk to Each Other

"Intelligent vehicle" systems could save lives.

by on Jan.27, 2011

Listen up! A signal from another "Intelligent Vehicle" alerts a motorist to hidden dangers ahead.

While auto regulators might be pushing to get motorists to hang up their cellphones and concentrate on driving, they’re encouraging efforts to get cars to talk to one another.

A consortium of eight manufacturers has set up shop in the Detroit suburb of Farmington Hills to work on car-to-car “Intelligent Vehicle” communications systems that would help stave off accidents.  Such technology could, for example, be used by one car to make sure it won’t run into another passing through an intersection.  A vehicle experiencing black ice might also flash the alert to other nearby automobiles.

“If every car had it, it would be like another pair of eyes,” Ford Motor Co.’s Mike Shulman, a technical research leader, said prior to the demonstration of a prototype system by four makers at this week’s auto show in Washington, D.C.