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Toyota, GM Dominate Motorist Choice Awards

Hyundai Equus named Popular Luxury Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year.

by on Oct.15, 2015

The Toyota Avalon, one of six Motorist Choice winners for the Toyota and Lexus brands.

Arch-rivals Toyota and General Motors both have reasons to celebrate with the announcement of the annual Motorist Choice Awards. The two makers outranked the rest of the competition in terms of both customer satisfaction and low vehicle operating costs. Together, they landed nearly half of this year’s trophies.

The Motor Choice Awards are a joint project teaming consultancies AutoPacific, Inc., and IntelliChoice. First launched 10 years ago, the awards try to balance touchy-feely customer satisfaction rankings against hard vehicle cost of ownership data.

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Beyond the overall winners, there were 23 separate category choices split up among 13 separate brands and 10 manufacturers. Toyota was the overall winner, with more wins than any other manufacturer, split between its Toyota and Lexus brands. These included the Toyota Avalon HEV, named best Large Car, and the Lexus RX, named best Luxury Crossover.


Toyota Lands Lead in 2012 Motorist Choice Awards

Balancing high customer satisfaction, low ownership costs.

by on Oct.04, 2012

The Toyota Prius V - shown with CEO Akio Toyoda - took one of nine awards for the Japanese maker.

Quality, as most automakers are quick to admit, has become the price of entry in today’s new car business.  And the latest studies suggest that the gap between brands is smaller than ever.  So, what are the factors that really differentiate one brand from another these days?

That’s what the Motorist Choice Awards intend to define.  Created by California-based research firms IntelliChoice and AutoPacific Inc., the balloting is meant to balance high customer satisfaction and low cost of ownership.

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And by those measures, Toyota came out on top for 2012, taken nine of 30 possible awards with its various mainstream and luxury brands, with products including the Scion xD, Toyota Prius V and Lexus CT Hybrid.  European makers such as Mini and Mercedes-Benz, meanwhile, scored well in both “Popular” and “Premium” categories.


Ford Tops the List in Latest Motorist Choice Awards

But imports dominate overall.

by on Sep.23, 2011

A Ford expedition rolls off the assembly line at the maker's suburban Detroit truck plant - which was recently converted to build small cars like the Focus.

There seem to be more and more automotive awards every year, and countless studies that try to rank the latest models according to some arcane quality algorithm.  The Motorist Choice Awards aim to pull things together and let owners report on what are not only the highest-quality cars but the ones they’d actually like to own.

And what they told the researchers from IntelliChoice and AutoPacific – who cooperated on this year’s study, the sixth for the Motorists Choice Awards – is that domestic automakers are making steady progress, though imports still dominate.

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Ford is, more than any of the Detroit makers, dominating the domestic revival, the number two U.S. manufacturer capturing four of the 15 popular lifestyle segment awards, more than any other brand.  Its Lincoln brand adds a fifth and sixth trophy, its Navigator capturing the lead among premium-brand “people movers,” while the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid was chosen the most Eco Friendly luxury model.


Motorist Choice Awards Name Cutest, Eco-Friendliest, Most Fun-to-Drive Models

Toyota brands capture one-third of the 30 awards.

by on Sep.23, 2010

Is this the cutest car on the market?

Despite its ongoing problems with safety-related recalls, the various Toyota brands managed to capture 10 of 30 categories in the annual Motorist Choice Awards, easily overwhelming the Japanese maker’s nearest competition.

The fifth annual Motorist Choice Awards, jointly conducted by the market research firm AutoPacific, Inc. and IntelliChoice, is designed to reveal the vehicles US. car buyers see as doing the best job in specific categories – whether it’s driving the kids to soccer practice, improving the environment or simply making the owner look good at the country club.

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“From an emotional standpoint these awards are a reflection of how cars fit into people’s daily lives, the tasks they fulfill on a day-to-day basis and the image people have of their vehicles,” says Charlie Vogelheim, Executive Editor of IntelliChoice. “The cars in these categories not only represent tremendous value, they are also about the image you want to portray to other motorists as well.”