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Lexus ES 300 Drivers Leading Pack as Most Ticketed

Buick Encore drivers get fewest tickets, study shows.

by on Aug.02, 2016

If you're behind the wheel of this car, you're more likely to get a ticket than anyone else.

It’s not news that Americans are piling up more miles behind the wheel than ever. Cheap gas and a strengthening economy are combining to lure people out on to the open road.

Of course, once a person slides into the driver’s seat, turns the key and stomps on the accelerator, then that driver is fair game for a dreaded experience: the speeding ticket. Some are more prone than others to being caught lead-footed.

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In fact, Lexus ES 300 drivers are more likely than any other motorist to get a ticket, according to a new report from The ES 300 was produced between 1992 and 2003. (more…)

WRX Warriors Rejoice as Pocket Rocket No Longer Most Ticketed

Lexus ES 300 ascends to the top of the ticket throne.

by on Feb.18, 2016

The Lexus ES 300 has taken the crown of "most ticketed vehicle" from the Subaru WRX.

Subaru WRX owners know a few things for certain once they slide behind the wheel of their all-wheel drive pocket rockets: they’ll enjoy great handling, a powerful engine and get more traffic tickets than all of their non-WRX-driving friends.

Until now.

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There’s a new king of the civil infraction hill! The Lexus ES 300. (more…)

Subaru WRX Drivers Get the Most Speeding Tickets

One in three get nabbed for lead-footed ways.

by on Sep.30, 2014

The Subaru WRX driver is more likely than any other to get a speeding ticket.

Want to avoid speeding tickets? Don’t make the Subaru WRX your daily driver and you should cut the odds of being radar trap fodder significantly.

The Japanese-made pocket rocket is the most ticketed car in the U.S. with 33.6% of owners getting a traffic ticket recently, according to a survey by The Pontiac GTO, which ceased production six years ago, finished second with 32.7% of owners receiving tickets.

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It seems that Japanese models have been topping many recently lists about vehicles lately, and this one is no exception. The rest of the top five include the Scion FR-S (32.6%), Toyota Supra (30.8%) and the Subaru Tribeca (29.7%). (more…)

American Motorists Want Self-Driving Cars, Says New Study

Desire to give up control drops when kids involved.

by on Jul.29, 2014

CEO Carlos Ghosn outlines Nissan autonomous vehicle plans during a Tokyo news conference.

Americans haven’t necessarily fallen out of love with the automobile. They just don’t enjoy the art of driving as much anymore, and a growing number of Americans seem ready to hand over command to autonomous vehicles.

A new study finds that fully three-quarters of licensed U.S. motorists would be very likely to consider, if not buy, self-driving vehicles. And if offered lower insurance rates, the figure jumps to a whopping 86%, found website

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“People are aware that they already drive cars controlled partly by computers,” said Managing Editor Des Toups. “Now they see features like collision avoidance on new models and hear about Google cars hitting the roads in a couple of years. An autonomous car is not science fiction anymore.” (more…)

Forgot Where You Parked? New Study Reveals Our Biggest Driving Embarrassments

Some gaffes damage your car; others just bruise the ego.

by on May.12, 2014

Ninety percent of Americans have made some sort of gaffe involving their car, including forgetting where they parked the car.

Life, it seems, is full of embarrassing moments, especially when it comes to driving.

You’re celebrating the big win at the championship game only to realize you have no idea where you parked your SUV at the stadium. It’s pouring rain and your keys are locked in the car. Or maybe you drove to work, all the more bleary-eyed because you left your coffee mug on the roof of your sedan.


“It’s those moments when you hope nobody is watching,” said Des Toups, managing editor of “You’re walking around, clicking your key fob repeatedly for some sign of your car, or you just took five tries to get into a parking space.” (more…)

Drivers Struggle to Recognize Dashboard Warning Lights

Number of warning signals fine, but meanings are often unclear.

by on Dec.10, 2013

A recent survey of drivers by shows that many have no idea what these symbols mean or what they should do when they see them.

Car designers and engineers often fight for space on the prime piece of real estate in a car or truck: the instrument cluster. However, a recent survey suggests that the space they’re getting isn’t used well.

The study suggests the design effort that goes into designing the lights and signals found on the instrument hasn’t helped motorists and most motorists find the signals confusing and unintelligible.

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The website surveyed 2,000 drivers asking them to identify 10 common dashboard lights. The icons for partially closed doors, air bag problems and child safety lock activation were correctly identified more often than warning lights for tire pressure, brakes, low fuel and engine overheating. (more…)

Car Insurance Costs Over a Lifetime Are Surprising

Insurance website study says insurance over an average person's lifetime will cost more than $84,000.

by on Feb.08, 2011

In your lifetime, you'll spend more than $84,000 paying for car insurance - enough money to buy a Porsche 911 with enough leftover for some pricey options.

A typical American will spend enough on car insurance to buy a Porsche 911 Carrera during their lifetime, according to a study released by

The website said the average U.S. driver will spend $84,388 insuring their car during their lifetime. That’s enough to buy a the $78,750 911, with enough left over to pick a few of  Porsche’s pricey options.

Your Automotive Source! based its analysis on quotes for drivers who first purchased insurance at age 21, married at 27, briefly insured two teens and stopped driving at age 75. The average premium includes drivers with all types of claims, accidents and other driving histories.