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First Drive: 2017 Infiniti QX30

Shared tech creates new segment for Infiniti

by on Nov.10, 2016

With the debut of the 2017 QX30, Infiniti enters the booming compact crossover segment.

It’s what you don’t see that often determines what you get. Platform sharing has taken place for years, and it oftentimes makes good fiscal sense within a company like General Motors.  If you are fifity-ish or older, then you remember the 1970’s Chevy Monte Carlo, Pontiac Grand Prix, Buick Regal, and Oldsmobile Cutlass, all sharing trim and mechanicals.

Today, Ford and Lincoln share parts among their sedans and SUVs, as does Lexus with Toyota, and most of the many Volkswagen Group brands. Why build something new when you can keep the bean counters happy by dipping into the corporate parts bin?

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But what is not always known is that manufacturers are more and more often sharing platforms and other technologies with major competitor.  There’s the Mazda Miata MX-5 and te new Fiat 124 Spider, for example. And now comes the Infiniti QX30, which shares running gear with the Mercedes-Benz GLA 250.


Cadillac Planning CUV Blitz

Latest addition will target downsized imports like BMW X1.

by on Nov.19, 2015

The Cadillac XT5 at its LA debut, along with Caddy Pres. Johan de Nysschen and GM global product development director Mark Reuss.

With the official L.A. Auto Show debut of the Cadillac XT5, the Detroit luxury brand plans an unprecedented assault on the booming utility vehicle market, with three other crossover-based models under development.

That’s one more CUV than Caddy officials had previously confirmed, has learned, the latest planned addition meant to target the likes of the Audi Q3 and BMW X1. It will enter one of the world’s fastest-growing vehicle segments, senior company officials said.

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“We keep expanding the plan,” said Johan de Nysschen, president of the Cadillac brand. The decision was made because such compact utility vehicles are experiencing “strong growth in China, and as more Millennials enter the luxury segment that will expand growth in the U.S., as well.


Infiniti QX30 Targets Booming Compact Crossover Crowd

More rugged take on maker’s Q30; both share platforms with Mercedes models.

by on Nov.18, 2015

The Infiniti QX30 is getting a double debut in both LA and in Guangzhou, China.

Infiniti has been doing the fan dance in recent months, dropping one tantalizing hint after another about its new compact crossover. Now, it’s finally gone full Monte and revealed the production version of the new QX30.

The new crossover, a more rugged version of the Q30 line launched earlier this year, positions Infiniti in the heart of one of the world’s fastest-growing market segments – something underscored by the decision to simultaneously reveal the new Infiniti QX30 at the L.A. Auto Show and the Guangzhou motor show in China.

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“With our recent sales successes and record growth, the current product offensive will further strengthen Infiniti’s global market position,” said Roland Krueger, President of Infiniti. “The active crossover, QX30, will broaden our offer to new customers around the world.”


More New Debuts Announced for LA Auto Show

50 unveilings planned from Porsche, Nissan, Range Rover, Ford, others.

by on Oct.21, 2015

Expect the production version of the Infiniti QX30 to make its formal debut in L.A. next month.

The 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show is shaping up to be a big event, with at least 50 new products set to make their U.S. or global debuts during the two-day media preview.

The LA show also expects to put a premium on technology, with a third day devoted specifically to new connected car technology. And the annual “Green Car of the Year” will be unveiled, as well, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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Porsche, Buick, Ford, Range Rover, Nissan, Infiniti and Jaguar are among the manufacturers who’ve already scheduled more than 30 separate product unveilings during the annual media preview. Volvo, Hyundai and a variety of industry suppliers will also hold news conferences to discuss technology breakthroughs.


Infiniti Charges into Compact Luxury Segment with Q30

Three versions of new compact hatch will be offered.

by on Sep.14, 2015

The new 2016 Infiniti Q30 will be offered in three distinct trim levels.

With the help of erstwhile competitor Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti is the latest luxury maker to target the fast-growing compact segment. The Japanese maker is giving us a full preview of the new Infiniti Q30 hatchback ahead of its formal debut at the Franfkrtu Motor Show this week.

The Q30 and the soon-to-come QX30 crossover will be the smallest offerings in the rapidly expanding Infiniti line-up. The two models share the same underlying platform as the Mercedes CLA and GLA models, but feature distinctly different interior and exterior designs. They pick up the latest Inifiniti cues, such as the distinctive boomerang kick to the back pillar.

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“Q30 makes a daring visual statement through its sculpted, concept car-like exterior, unconventional stance and asymmetric cabin design,” suggests Infiniti President Roland Krueger. “The car has been engineered to exacting standards to deliver a driving experience that is unmistakably Infiniti. Q30 will accelerate the company’s strategy to become a leading global manufacturer of premium cars.”


Infiniti Offers Inside Look at New Q30 “Active Compact”

Interior features “horizontal dissymmetry.”

by on Sep.01, 2015

Infiniti opts for a cockpit-like interior for the new Q30 compact model coming to Frankfurt.

Infiniti is downsizing its ambitions, entering the booming market for small luxury cars with the new Q30. And after giving us a first look at the exterior of the new “active compact,” it is offering an inside look at the new model, as well.

Set to make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 15th, the Infiniti Q30 picks up many of the design cues first seen when it unveiled a concept model in Frankfurt two years ago. That includes the long nose, short overhangs and high beltline, as well as the concept’s split grille and distinctive, almost human eye-like headlights.

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Inside, the production version of the Q30 isn’t quite as radical as the 2013 Frankfurt show car, but still should turn some heads, with a more expressive and upscale look than many entries in this near-luxury segment. That includes an Italian-made, suede-like material called Dinamica.


Infiniti Offers 1st Official Look at New Q30 “Active Compact”

Official debut set for Frankfurt.

by on Jul.21, 2015

The production Infiniti Q30.

Infiniti recently confirmed that its Q30 will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. What it hadn’t done is offer us a first look at the “Premium Active Compact,” other than an image of a heavily camouflaged model undergoing track testing. That’s an omission it now has corrected.

The debut will come four years after the original Q30 concept made its debut in Frankfurt, and the initial image from Infiniti suggests the street version will retain much of the show car’s design cues.

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The production model slots into a niche below the midsize Infiniti Q50, but even the maker’s senior designer admitted, during the unveiling of the original concept, that the Q30 “defies characterization.” That’s in keeping with Infiniti’s tradition of launching quirky designs that aren’t just me-too copies of European competitors.


Infiniti Q30 Set to Debut at Frankfurt Motor Show

Luxury brand offers “spy shot” of its first-ever compact model.

by on Jun.19, 2015

The first official image of the 2016 Infiniti Q30 undergoing testing and validation in camouflage.

Exactly two years after first unveiling a concept version of the Q30 sedan, Infiniti will pull the wraps off the production model at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, and the automaker is providing its own “spy shot” to give a hint of what’s coming.

The question is what, precisely, the Q30 is? The production model slots into a niche below the midsize Infiniti Q50, but even the maker’s senior designer admitted, during the unveiling of the original concept, that the Q30 “defies characterization.” That’s in keeping with Infiniti’s tradition of launching quirky designs that aren’t just me-too copies of European competitors.

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The camouflaged model appears to pick up on the basic language of the five-door show car version, with a long nose, short overhangs and a high beltline. Though the pic doesn’t show the face of the new model, it is expected to also carry over the split grille and distinctive, squinting, almost human eye-like headlights from the concept model.


Mazda or Scion or Fiat? Alliances Are Changing the Face of the Auto Industry

Automakers partner up to cut costs, expand product lines.

by on May.28, 2015

The new Mazda Miata was developed as part of a joint venture with Fiat.

When the new iA comes to Scion showrooms later this year, it will mark the first time Toyota’s youth-oriented brand has offered a sedan.

To bring it to market, Scion sought out some help, largely repurposing a 4-door model developed by smaller Japanese automaker Mazda. Toyota also will use the subcompact Mazda2 as the starting point for the next version of its small Yaris model – which will be assembled at a new Mazda plant in Mexico.

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Confused? You’re not alone.  It takes more than just a scorecard to keep up with the convoluted alliances in today’s increasingly competitive auto industry. Hoping to add more models to their line-ups while at the same time driving down costs, traditional competitors are finding advantages to working together.


The 10 Best Debuts at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show

Out of dozens of debuts, these are the real standouts.

by on Mar.05, 2015

Automakers from around the world, like China's Qoros, flock to the Geneva Motor Show.

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show is over. Well, the press days are, with the doors of Geneva’s PALExpo convention center now open to the public.

The annual event is widely considered one of the world’s most important auto shows, and for good reason considering the vast number of brands on display. Add the huge number of European and global debuts – by one count more than 100 if you include those from the more obscure participants like Switzerland’s own Rinnspeed, and suppliers like Magna.

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There were plenty of odd new cars and concepts, even a couple downright awful ones. But, on the whole, the 2015 Geneva Motor Show brought out some that were striking, intriguing and likely to be influential over the long-run. Here’s our list of the 10 Best Debuts at this year’s show: (more…)