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Infiniti Teases Q60 Coupe Concept

Detroit show car a “foreshadowing” of production model to come.

by on Dec.12, 2014

Infiniti's new Q60 Concept will make its debut at the Detroit Auto Show next month.

Despite a few classic show car details, like the microscopic sideview mirrors, we’re likely to be seeing the new Infiniti Q60 Concept again in the not too distant future as the planned replacement for the Japanese maker’s current Q60.

Infiniti is giving us a first teaser glimpse of the Q60 Concept which will make its debut at the Detroit Auto Show next month and, the automaker suggests, it “builds upon the design language seen on recent Infiniti concept cars,” notably the Q80 Inspiration that was unveiled at the recent Paris Motor Show.


The current coupe is clearly in need of an update; it’s basically little more than a rebadged version of Infiniti’s old G37 Coupe which has seen little change since its introduction in 2008. But the image Infiniti released this morning is yet another indication of the distinctive styling themes in store as it sets out to greatly expand its line-up.


Infiniti Q80 Inspiration Offers “A Glimpse into the Future”

Maker hints of "production intent" with sleek, fastback four-door.

by on Oct.02, 2014

A production version of the Q80 Inspiration would mark a return to the Premium Luxury segment for Infiniti.

Infiniti has had a history of delivering edgy design statements, starting with the brand’s original Q45 flagship. And it’s attempting to push the proverbial envelope yet again with the unveiling of its new Q80 Inspiration at the Paris Motor Show this week.

With a look that seems lifted from a sci-fi flick, the four-door fastback, with its 1+1+1+1 seating layout takes aim at a niche that Infiniti has long hoped to re-enter, the premium luxury segment, and though the Q80 Inspiration is being described as a “concept,” for now, it is meant to offer “a glimpse into the future of Infiniti,” suggested global operations chief Francois Goupil de Bouille.

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“We will have a car of this type in our portfolio,” he declared during an auto show preview. The only questions are: how soon, and how close the new flagship will come to the Inspiration show car.