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First Look: Infiniti G37 Convertible IPL

Mixing style and performance.

by on Oct.01, 2010

A second model joins Infiniti's new performance line-up, IPL.

Automotive executives aren’t prone to handing out compliments to the competition, but when the subject turns to the Infiniti G-Series, you’re almost certain to hear kind words.

There’s little doubt that the striking design of the latest Infiniti entry-line has done a lot to revitalize the brand especially as Nissan’s luxury division has added more variants, including a convertible and the sporty G37 Coupe.

But sporty really does bring to mind the idea of performance, something the G-Series needed a bit more of, Infiniti officials admitted, over the summer, as they pulled the wraps off the first IPL model.  Short for Infiniti Performance Line, it debuted on the G37 Coupe.

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And, at the time, Infiniti General Manager Ben Poore broadly hinted, “More to come.  You’ll see IPL (variants) across the Infiniti line-up…where appropriate.”

The maker is keeping its word, introducing the second model to the brand-within-a-brand in the form of the new G37 Convertible IPL.