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Infiniti Inspired: But What to Make of the New Q Inspiration Concept

Is this the long-awaited successor to the Q45?

by on Jan.15, 2018

The Q45 Inspiration Concept may not show up in the Infiniti line-up but will influence future product design, officials said.

Infiniti has a long history of teasing us with exotic concepts that eventually translate into slightly more sedate production vehicles. So, what to make of the inspiring new fastback prototype making its debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit?

Have we finally gotten a glimpse of the long-awaited successor to the brand’s original halo car, the 1990 Q45? Or is the new Inspiration just there to tease us with hints of the direction Infiniti will take after a recent shake-up in corporate design management?

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“Our Detroit concept car heralds a new generation of Infiniti,” is all we’re getting from Alfonso Albaisa, the long-time Infiniti stylist who recently was named global design director for parent Nissan Motor Co. The Q Inspiration, he added, it meant to demonstrate Infiniti’s approach to “artistry in the new age of autonomy and breakthrough drivetrains.”


Infiniti Inspired: Q Inspiration Concept Hints at Future Flagship

Q45 reborn?

by on Jan.03, 2018

Infiniti provides a rear view of the Q Inspiration Concept coming to the NAIAS this month.

Infiniti has a long history of teasing us with exotic concepts that eventually translate into slightly more sedate production vehicles. So, what to make of the inspiring new fastback prototype it plans to bring to the North American International Auto Show in mid-January.

Though the brand now uses “Q” to designate all of its passenger car models – and QX for its SUVs and CUVs — the name, Q Inspiration Concept, clearly suggests it is envisioned as the long-awaited successor to the original Q45 sedan that first put the brand on the map.

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“Experimenting with new proportions in a typically conservative segment, the Q Inspiration features a shorter hood and elongated body,” says Karim Habib, here delivering his first major concept car as the newly named Infiniti executive design director. “We aim to take the traditional sedan architecture to its next stage of evolution.”


Infiniti Bringing Sedan Concept to NAIAS; Could Reveal Radical Shift in Dimensions

Design will mark “shift toward smarter, more compact and less intrusive powertrains”

by on Dec.21, 2017

Pure as the driven snow? Infiniti teases the sedan design concept coming to Detroit next month.

Is this Infiniti’s answer to the Jaguar I-Pace?

Rumors have been circulating for some time that the Japanese automaker was preparing something special for the North American International Auto Show, possibly a long-awaited replacement for its long-gone Q45 flagship sedan. And that is clearly one of the possibilities that could be in store when it gives us a look at the rest of the snow-white concept vehicle teased in this front-end close-up. But wherever it might fit in the line-up, the show car isn’t going to be just another four-door.

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“The new Infiniti concept car will take the traditional sedan architecture to its next stage of evolution,” suggests Karim Habib, the luxury brand’s executive design director. And key to that is adapting to, “A shift toward smarter, more compact and less intrusive powertrains.”


QX50 Concept Takes Infiniti Style to Next Level

Crossover shows what's possible.

by on Jan.09, 2017

Infiniti takes the QX Inspiration one step closer to reality with the QX50 Concept in Detroit.

The Infiniti QX50 concept isn’t what one has come to expect from concept cars at the world’s auto shows. It doesn’t feature revolutionary materials or space-age polymers, it’s just an example of what happens the best of everything is applied to one vehicle.

In reality, the QX50 is simply the next step in bringing the 2016 Infiniti QX Inspiration concept to reality. It moves the Inspiration closer to what a real crossover may retain from the pie-in-the-sky ideas applied to its predecessors.

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“With the unveiling of the QX Sport Inspiration at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show, we showed the future of Infiniti QX models,” said Roland Krueger, Infiniti’s president. (more…)

Infiniti Unveiling QX50 “Concept” at NAIAS

New CUV loads up the tech, including new AutoPilot and variable-compression engine.

by on Dec.30, 2016

The Infiniti QX50 Concept will reappear in 2017 -- largely unchanged -- in production trim.

It may be called a “concept,” but what you’ll see when the Infiniti QX50 debuts at the North American International Auto Show is darned close to what you’ll be getting in showrooms next year.

Heavily influenced by the earlier Infiniti Sport Inspiration Concept, the crossover coming to Detroit in little more than a week is meant to strike a “perfect balance between lust and logic,” according to the luxury marque’s chief designer, Alfonso Albaisa.

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But the Infiniti QX50 Concept is more than just a styling exercise. It will introduce a variety of significant technical innovations, including the breakthrough variable-compression engine developed by parent Nissan, as well as Infiniti’s next-generation steer-by-wire system and near-autonomous driving capabilities.


New Infiniti Q60 Could Top 400-hp

Expect new coupe to match numbers of BMW 435 and Audi S5.

by on Feb.17, 2015

The concept version of the Infiniti Q60 debuted during the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.

Though it is still more than a year away from production, expect Infiniti to deliver some eye-popping numbers when the new Q60 coupe makes its debut in time for the 2017 model-year.

Though final testing is far from complete, sources say the goal is to take on such tough competitors as the BMW 435 and Audi S5, and that means something “in the neighborhood” of 400 horsepower, according to a well-placed source.

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Infiniti offered a very clear sense of what it has coming when it pulled the covers off a Q60 concept vehicle at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit last month. The maker billed it as a “foreshadowing” of the two-door sports coupe that will replace what was original known as the old G37 model.


Infiniti Reveals Q60 Concept Ahead of NAIAS Debut

A “road-hugging stance.”

by on Jan.05, 2015

Infiniti's Q60 Coupe Concept will soon be followed by a new production model replacing the old G37.

Infiniti is offering a glimpse of its future as it pulls the wraps off the Q60 Concept a week ahead of its official debut at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

With a blend of sharp creases, muscular wheel arches and sculpted side panels, the Infiniti Q60 Concept is being billed as a “foreshadowing” of the two-door sports coupe that will replace what was original known as the old G37 model. It also signals the look the luxury maker will adopt across its product portfolio

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“The Q80 Inspiration was an indication of Infiniti’s future design language,” says Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti Executive Design Director, referring to the concept for a flagship sedan shown at the Paris Motor Show last autumn. “The Q60 Concept is the next step in the journey.”


Infiniti Teases Q60 Coupe Concept

Detroit show car a “foreshadowing” of production model to come.

by on Dec.12, 2014

Infiniti's new Q60 Concept will make its debut at the Detroit Auto Show next month.

Despite a few classic show car details, like the microscopic sideview mirrors, we’re likely to be seeing the new Infiniti Q60 Concept again in the not too distant future as the planned replacement for the Japanese maker’s current Q60.

Infiniti is giving us a first teaser glimpse of the Q60 Concept which will make its debut at the Detroit Auto Show next month and, the automaker suggests, it “builds upon the design language seen on recent Infiniti concept cars,” notably the Q80 Inspiration that was unveiled at the recent Paris Motor Show.


The current coupe is clearly in need of an update; it’s basically little more than a rebadged version of Infiniti’s old G37 Coupe which has seen little change since its introduction in 2008. But the image Infiniti released this morning is yet another indication of the distinctive styling themes in store as it sets out to greatly expand its line-up.


Infiniti Offers First Look at Q50 Eau Rouge

Race-Inspired concept coming to Detroit Auto Show – and Facebook.

by on Jan.02, 2014

Infiniti offers the first image of the Q50 Eau Rouge Concept - and asks fans to help reveal more.

Infiniti has released the first image of its “race-inspired” Q50 Eau Rouge concept a little more than a week before the prototype will make its debut at the 2014 North American International Auto Show.

The Eau Rouge, Infiniti explains “draws inspiration” from the Formula One program that pairs the Japanese luxury maker and its four-time World Champion-winning partner, Infiniti Red Bull Racing.

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“From our shared passion for performance with Infiniti Red Bull Racing grew a collective desire to produce a vision of what a high-performance Infiniti Q50 could look like,” explains Infiniti’s Executive Design Director Alfonso Albaisa, who suggests that, “The design has a number of distinctive Formula One-inspired touches.”


Race-Inspired Q50 Concept Coming to Detroit Auto Show

Show car could hint at future performance plans for luxury brand.

by on Dec.05, 2013

Infiniti offers a glimpse of the Q50 Eau Rouge concept coming to Detroit next month.

Hoping to burnish its performance image – and emphasize its return to Formula One racing – Infiniti plans to reveal a high-performance concept based on its new Q50 sedan at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show.

The show car will be dubbed the Q50 Eau Rouge, its name a reference to the world-famous turn on the F1 track in Spa-Francochamps – one known for its ability to trip up even the most skilled veteran race driver.

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The maker isn’t saying much about the specifics of the Eau Rouge, though in a release, Infiniti suggests the “concept blends road car technology and a thoroughbred motorsport vision.”

The Q50 introduced earlier this year is the latest version of the old Infiniti G sedan – but it’s more than just a simple product update, and coincides with some major changes at the Nissan luxury brand.