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Infiniti Cutting the Cord With Wireless Charging on LE Battery Car

Luxury alternative to Nissan Leaf due in 2014, maker reveals.

by on Aug.20, 2012

The Infiniti Emerg-E concept battery car makes it North American debut in Pebble Beach.

Infiniti will bring its first battery-electric luxury car to market sometime in 2014, the maker confirmed, with the prototype introducing a new charging system that will no longer require an owner to plug it into a wall charger.

In fact, the Infiniti LE will be able to park itself in precisely the right spot over the new induction charging system’s special mat, an executive told

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Meanwhile, the maker continues to study whether to add a second, even more sporty battery-car model to its line-up, one that would be based on the well-received Infiniti Emerg-E concept vehicle that made its splashy debut at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year.


Infiniti Reveals LE Sporty Battery-Car Concept

“Luxury can be both desirable and sustainable,” says Ghosn.

by on Apr.05, 2012

Infiniti's LE battery car concept will reappear in production trim "within 24 months."

Following the lead of its mainstream sibling Nissan, the upscale Infiniti brand is about to charge into the battery-car market.

Confirming an earlier report on, the Japanese maker unveiled its LE Concept battery-electric vehicle, or BEV, at the 2012 New York Auto Show, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn promising the production model will follow “within 24 months.”

Though the Infiniti LE is based on the same platform as the Nissan Leaf battery car it would be hard to tell at first glance.  The Infiniti model is lower, sleeker – and faster, “designed to stimulate,” not just transport, emphasized Ghosn, who proclaimed that with the upcoming addition to Infiniti’s line-up, the production LE will prove “luxury (can) be both desirable and sustainable.”

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The maker is holding back on many of the technical details but Ghosn said the concept is “85% accurate” to what the production LE should look like.  There will be relatively minor exterior changes, added Andy Palmer, Nissan’s corporate director of sustainable mobility, pointing to a grille that was clearly designed for the auto show rather than the showroom.


Ghosn Sees Buyers Plugging Into Battery Power

But Leaf lags as Volt charges ahead.

by on Apr.04, 2012

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn remains confident battery-car sales will take off this decade.

They may little more than an asterisk on the sales charts, right now, but battery cars will account for as much as 10% of the market by 2020 – or so predicts Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, one of the industry’s most unabashed promoters of zero-emissions technology.

A little more than year after the launch of the Japanese maker’s battery-electric Leaf, sales appear to be lagging behind plans, the Nissan BEV, or battery-electric vehicle, generating just 579 sales in March – or barely half what it hit at peak last year.  That number – along with the weak performance by other electric vehicles has left many wondering whether the technology just doesn’t turn on consumers.

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Not Ghosn.  He remains as committed as ever, as he made clear during a keynote speech at a conference in New York City sponsored by consulting firm IHS and the National Automobile Dealers Association.  “Am I still bullish on electric vehicles? Yes,” he proclaimed.


Infiniti to Reveal EV Concept in New York

Sportier, longer range than Nissan Leaf.

by on Mar.21, 2012

The Infiniti Emerg-E concept vehicle first seen at the Geneva Motor Show this month.

The Nissan Leaf is about to get a sportier sibling.  The Japanese maker’s luxury brand Infiniti will pull the wraps off its own battery-electric vehicle during the upcoming New York Auto Show.

While company officials are holding most of the details for that April introduction, they revealed to that the Infiniti battery car will share the same underpinnings as the Leaf it will be “more aggressive” in terms of both looks and performance.

“It was designed to be a luxury vehicle first and an electric vehicle second,” said Infiniti marketing manager Sam Chung.

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The new model – which Infiniti has yet to put a name to – will be Nissan Motor Co.’s second battery-electric vehicle, or BEV, underscoring the Japanese maker’s expansive electric propulsion program.  Along with its French alliance partner Renault, Nissan plans to have capacity in place to produce over 400,000 electric vehicles annually by mid-decade.  That includes a new facility operating alongside the current Nissan assembly plant in Smyrna, Tennessee.


Can Luxury Concept Help Infiniti Emerg-E from the Shadows?

Striking supercar-like design a standout in Geneva.

by on Mar.07, 2012

Infiniti's Emerg-E concept car is getting plenty of attention in Geneva.

It’s barely five years since Infiniti belatedly made its entrance in the crowded European luxury market, and gaining traction hasn’t been easy, company officials acknowledge – which is why they’ve made a point of bringing some eye-catching concepts to the annual Geneva Motor Show.

What global design chief Shiro Nakamura dubbed the “third part of the Infiniti trilogy” is now on display and takes the Nissan luxury brand to a new extreme.  Following on the original Essence and the more recent Etherea, the Infiniti Emerg-E concept provides a glimpse at what the maker might do if it were to push into supercar territory.

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But not just a conventional challenger to an establishment dominated by the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini, but one using a high-performance, battery-based drivetrain.

The heart of the striking 2-door is a plug-in driveline that can make 400 horsepower – enough to launch from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds.  But with a little less aggressive use of the throttle, Emerg-E will deliver up to 30 miles on lithium-ion battery power alone.  Once the gasoline engine kicks in, it will get a total of 300 miles before having to recharge or refuel.


First Look: Infiniti Emerg-E

Shows battery cars can be Sex-E.

by on Feb.27, 2012

The Infiniti Emerg-E uses a mid-mounted range-extending drivetrain.

Who says battery cars have to be dull to downright boring? True, the Toyota Prius and Mitsubishi i likely won’t win design awards but the new Infiniti Emerg-E suggests that battery cars can be downright Sex-E.

The Infiniti concept is the latest in a string of concepts and production cars coming to the Geneva Motor Show next month that have already leaked out.

The luxury arm of Nissan Motor Co. has been hinting for some time that it plans to follow its bigger sibling and enter the electric vehicle market.  Exactly what role the Emerg-E will actually have in the Infiniti line-up remains to be seen but it’s certainly going to draw some attention with looks that are more than a little reminiscent of the new McLaren MP4-12C.

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But instead of a 600-horsepower small-block V-8, the Infiniti Emerg-E features a range-extended electric drivetrain.  Details are set to follow but if you look closely at the images here you’ll notice the mid-mounted gasoline engine side of that powertrain is clearly visible beneath the show car’s all-glass roof.


Infiniti Developing Plug-In Hybrid

Will follow launch of Luxury Brand’s First EV.

by on Nov.28, 2011

Infiniti offers a hint of the plug-in hybrid it is developing.

Having confirmed plans to add its first battery-electric vehicle for 2014, Infiniti has now revealed its goal of launching a new plug-in hybrid, as well.

The luxury brands second battery car, which it describes as a “range-extending electric sports car,” will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show next March.

It will enter a rapidly expanding segment for battery-based luxury vehicles.  General Motors’ Cadillac division is preparing a high-line version of the Chevrolet Volt, to be dubbed the Cadillac ELR, while BMW is readying both the plug-in i8 and battery-electric i3 models for a new sub-brand focusing exclusively on green powertrain technology.

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The two teaser shots released by Infiniti – the luxury arm of Nissan Motor Co. – suggest the plug-in will be inspired by the 2-seat Nissan ESFLOW concept vehicle.  While Infiniti isn’t offering any specifics the ESFLOW was a pure battery-electric vehicle, or BEV, with a stated range of 150 miles and sports car performance that Nissan estimated would yield 0 to 60 times in less than 5 seconds.


Infiniti EV To Launch as 2015 Model

Luxury version of Nissan Leaf will deliver longer range, better performance.

by on Nov.16, 2011

So far, Infiniti is only giving a hint of what's to come when it launches its first battery-electric vehicle during the 2015 model-year.

Japanese luxury maker Infiniti will charge into the market with its first battery-electric vehicle sometime in 2014, revealed the maker’s senior American executive.

To be sold as a 2015 model, the as yet-unnamed battery car will be based on the Nissan Leaf but will deliver both better performance and longer range, Executive Vice President Andy Palmer told during a conversation at the Los Angeles International Auto Show.

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The Infiniti electric vehicle will adopt a sedan, rather than hatchback body style, which became “the key challenge” in developing the new model, said Palmer, but he stressed that the production version “is not going to make any excuses,” and will deliver a much more refined appearance and feel when compared to the mainstream Leaf.


Infiniti Gets Battery Car, Nissan May Add Three EVs

Land Glider concept shows alternate charging technology.

by on Oct.21, 2009

The 2011 Nissan Leaf is making its full public debut in Tokyo this week, where CEO Carlos Ghosn announced plans for a new Infiniti battery car.

The 2011 Nissan Leaf is making its public debut in Tokyo this week, where CEO Carlos Ghosn announced plans for an Infiniti battery car.

Nissan Motor Co. is going big for electric power, the automaker confirmed during its Tokyo Motor Show news conference today.

The automaker’s CEO Carlos Ghosn revealed Nissan’s luxury division, Infiniti, will add a compact four-door battery car to its line-up.  It will join a fast-expanding array of Nissan electric vehicles.

While Ghosn declined to provide details, he noted that the Infiniti model will comply with the brand’s motto of “inspired performance.”

Ghosn drove onto the stage, at Makuhari Messe, in a tandem two-seat battery car, dubbed the Land Glider.  But it appears unlikely the unusual, narrow-gauge model will be among the new zero-emission alternatives to reach production.

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Earlier this year, Ghosn revealed that the flagship Nissan brand will introduce its first battery-electric vehicle, or BEV, in 2011.  And a battery version of the NV200 commercial van is under development, as well, the Brazilian-born executive, who also serves as CEO of Nissan’s Alliance partner, Renault, revealed in Tokyo.