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Subaru Facing Lawsuit Over Oil Use Problem

Vehicles using too much oil, causing costly repairs.

by on Jul.21, 2014

The 2014 Subaru Forester is one a few Subaru vehicles with oil usage problem, alleges a lawsuit.

Subaru of America is facing a lawsuit – that may become a class action – because of the amount of oil the company’s vehicles use.

The problem stems from the fact that in the opinion of some owners, the company’s vehicles use a lot of engine oil…and quickly. The result in some instances has been some pricey repairs due to the problem: repairs in the thousands of dollars.

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The suit claims the vehicles “prematurely burn off and/or consume abnormal and excessive amounts of engine oil” and claims Subaru is unwilling to fix the problem. Subaru doesn’t believe there is a problem. (more…)

First Look: 2012 Subaru Impreza

New compact aims to keep momentum going.

by on Apr.21, 2011

Subaru updates the Impreza for 2012, with both a hatchback and sedan on tap.

It’s been a good couple years for Subaru, the Japanese automaker establishing one sales record after another.  And how do you keep the momentum going, company officials ask, other than with new product

Which set the stage for Subaru’s moment in the spotlight at this year’s New York Auto Show, where the maker pulled the wraps off the latest version of its compact Impreza model.

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Two versions of the all-wheel-drive model will begin rolling into showrooms by autumn, on schedule despite the crisis in Japan that has forced the delay of a number of other vehicles, Subaru’s top U.S. executive, Tom Doll, stressed.

In keeping with industry trends, Subaru’s product development team focused on delivering a roomier, more emotionally styled vehicle that, of course, has to deliver better fuel economy than the product it replaces.