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Subaru Plans First Global Hybrid

Here comes an Impreza hybrid in 2012 we predict.

by on Jan.12, 2010

"We have to have our own hybrid, because of our boxer engines."

"We have to have our own hybrid, because of our boxer engines."

Here in Detroit, Subaru showed a concept that tells the world, once again, that they are planning to bring a hybrid vehicle on the market in the near future.

Taken into account the size of the company, that will be a vehicle for worldwide markets, we think.

We asked Masatsugu Nagato, Director of the Board and Corporate Executive vice president about Subaru’s strategy with respect to hybrids and electric vehicles. He said that some five years ago they thought about making an EV.

“But it got evident that the EV is too far, it’s not that close, due to the price of the batteries and the infrastructure,” Nagato said.


Upon our question if the company has decided yet if the upcoming hybrid will be a new model or a version of an existing model, Nagato said he did not want to reveal that secret yet. However, with the new Impreza being confirmed for 2012, we think there is a better than even chance that this model will be the first to also get a hybrid power train.