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Lincoln makes time for Times, Toledo goes to the Dogs, and a PSA worth watching.

by on Mar.25, 2011

A Safe Driving Adult PSA Worth Watching

Mercedes-Benz this week announced a teen age driving school, Toyota has had one for several years, BMW offers a teen driving school in South Carolina, Bridgestone has a special program too, but what about those beyond learner permits? Like adult drivers driving adult-ly?

All of us on occasion do run through an orange light, make a right hand turn even through there’s on-coming traffic, push it to 80 or 85 on certain freeways, detest those damn speed cameras that should have remained on the Autobahn, and even pass in the wrong lane. Why? Because we’re in a hurry, right? Common sense tells us the only correct, as in legal, time to drive at high speed is on a private track or at one of those expensive adult driving schools.

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Obviously all the yellow signs, radar guns, speed zone and traffic lights in the world don’t make for safer, slower driving. Experts say most auto accidents – not counting DUI – are caused by excessive and unnecessary speed. Increased auto safety could come from the simple act of slowing down. Just think about it.  While in Australia earlier this year I saw this auto safety by slowing down public service commercial on the local television and now it’s come to the US. Click Here to see one of the best public service announcements because it resonates with reasonable people.