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Spy Shots: 2015 Ford Mustang

Ford wants to make a splash for 50th anniversary.

by on Apr.30, 2013

Our spies captured an early look at the 2015 Ford Mustang. Photo credit: Jim Dunne CAR SPY

It’s no secret that Ford is planning to provide plenty of hoopla to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang when it rolls off the line next year. However, what the 2015 Mustang has been kept under wraps: until now.

Look for Ford to uncover this all-new Mustang design as a 2015 model sometime in 2014. Though covered from front to rear – no bumpers on this early prototype – there are a few details of changes that can be detected. Up front are headlight openings that indicate the lamps are set high on the front fenders, not down low in the grille. So too, at the rear, the taillights are set higher in the trunk.

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Overall the profile of the Mustang is unmistakable, even in this heavily wrapped mid-program prototype. But, those wheels with the five split-spoke appearance seem to be new.


Ford Revving Up to Celebrate Mustang’s 50th

But will an all-new pony car mark the upcoming anniversary?

by on Mar.26, 2013

The new Mustang logo marks the countdown to the pony car's golden anniversary.

Ford Motor Co. is saddling up to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that original “pony car,” the Mustang.

And it’s going to get plenty of help, with 50 different companies planning to join in for the celebration by producing a wide range of products meant to commemorate the special occasion, everything from Mustang-emblazoned jackets to watches to videogames.  They’ll use a new black-and-white logo featuring the familiar galloping horse over the words, “50 Years.”

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The Mustang is “a timeless statement,” contends Ford’s Chief Creative Officer J Mays, who oversaw the creation of the new logo – and who is playing a crucial role in the development of the next-generation Mustang expected to come to market sometime next year, closer to the official golden anniversary.


No More Retro as Mustang Prepares to Turn 50

New pony car reportedly will echo styling of Evos concept as it goes global.

by on Apr.16, 2012

Are you the 50th anniversary Mustang? A rendering by artist Sean Smith blends classic pony car cues with Ford's Evos concept. Used with permission of

Has retro finally run its course?  Much like Hollywood studios, automakers like to bet on sure things, and showrooms have plenty of examples of how everything old can become new again, like the latest reincarnation of the Volkswagen Beetle, and the revival of the Chevrolet Camaro.

But Ford, which scored a huge hit with the old-is-new ’94 Mustang remake, and which subsequently created a studio specifically to develop more retro design opportunities, is apparently ready to step into the future.

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An all-new version of the original pony car – dubbed Mustang III by Ford insiders – will debut just in time for the nameplate’s 50th anniversary, in mid-2014.  And it will have a lot more in common with the widely acclaimed Evos concept that Ford unveiled last autumn than with the current Mustang.

And the changes will be far more than skin deep.  Reflecting both the desire to start marketing Mustang beyond North American shores, as well as the need to meet increasingly stringent fuel economy standards, insiders report the new model will offer an array of advanced high-mileage engines.


Shelby American Rolls Out 950-hp Mustang

A real prancing pony.

by on Mar.27, 2012

The Shelby 1000 makes 950 hp on the street, 1,100 on the track.

When Carroll Shelby says he’s got a new muscle car on tap, take him seriously.  The legendary automotive raconteur’s latest take on the Mustang will deliver enough tire-squealing torque and horsepower to make gold-chained Ferraristas duck for cover.

That’s 950 hp, to be precise, only slightly less than the $1.4 million Bugatti Veyron ultracar makes.  And that’s for the street legal version of the Shelby 1000 that will take its bow at the New York Auto Show next week.  The track-ready pony car bumps the number all the way up to 1,100 horsepower.

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Since the former race car driver-cum-automotive entrepreneur first teamed up with Lee Iacocca, back in the mid-‘60s, Shelby has never shied away from the challenge of pumping a little more power out of a Mustang.  The latest offering takes things one very large step beyond the last Mustang upgrade from Shelby American, the GT500 Super Snake “only” able to make a measly 800 hp.


Letter To Lido

Still thanking you for the Mustang, after all these years.

by on Dec.08, 2010

Lee Iacocca and Don Frey with the original '64-1/2 Ford Mustang.

To: Lido A. Iacocca, Beverly Hills, CA

From: Mike Davis, Detroit

Re: Thanks!

Dear Lee –

Your Old Gray Mare ain’t what she used to be, many long years ago.

When, as vice president of Ford Motor Company and general manager of the Ford Division, you introduced the first Mustang on April 17, 1964, you created a sensation in marketing circles with a, gasp, price advertisement for the new coupe.

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The print ad showed the side view of a white two-door notch-back coupe with a long hood and, in large letters, the price: $2,368.  It was a sensation.  Wannabe buyers literally fell all over themselves (and delirious dealers) trying to buy that car at that price.  And they could, almost, after adding on destination and delivery charges, sales taxes, registration and licensing fees.

That price bought you a snappy looking hardtop (no B pillar) with Mustang emblem on the front fenders, a three-speed manual trans with floor mounted shifter, and a 170-cubic-inch overhead valve six pumping out all of 101 horsepower.  Oh, yeah, a heater/defroster was included in the price.  No matter that one critic, later quoted by Ralph Nader, disdained it as a “hopped up Falcon.”