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Hyundai Veloster and Elantra Models Get Significant Upgrades for 2016

New Veloster performance edition, updated design and enhanced connectivity.

by on Feb.13, 2015

Hyundai will make just 1,200 Veloster Rally editions and they'll all come in Matte Blue.

Hyundai has two for the Windy City.

The quirky Hyundai Veloster coupe is getting some significant upgrades for the 2016 model-year, the Korean carmaker revealed during a Chicago Auto Show news conference. That includes design and connectivity enhancements, as well as a new Veloster Rally Edition.

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Meanwhile, Hyundai also used the Windy City as a backdrop to announced it is updating the 2016 Elantra GT, the compact model getting a “refreshed look,” along with the addition of some new tech features. (more…)

First Drive: Hyundai Veloster

Quirky little three-door’s fast styling hides fuel sipper underneath.

by on Jan.06, 2012

The Hyundai Veloster looks like a sports car and handles like a sports car, but it sips fuel like an econobox.

Where is it written that fuel efficiency has to mean boring? Why does saving money at the gas station mean conforming to normal? Why can’t a fuel sipper also be fun to drive?

Hyundai’s product planners must have asked themselves those questions. And they decided to say “no” to convention.

A Little Automotive Weirdness!

How else to explain this little bit of weirdness that Hyundai calls the Veloster? Even the name is a weird. The guys at the local Salvation Army looked at the back – with its very noticeable Veloster nameplate – and still asked what it was. Velociter? Velociraptor? And it has three doors. Not two doors and a hatch, but three actual doors. More on that later.