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Hyundai Recalling Nearly 500,000 Sonatas Due to Potential Engine Failures

A second recall covers smaller Accent models.

by on Sep.25, 2015

The Sonata's American-made engine is being blamed for the recall of 470,000 sedans.

Hyundai is recalling nearly 500,000 Sonata sedans because a manufacturing problem could cause their engines to fail.

Hyundai has notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that engines produced at its powertrain plant in Alabama may not have been machined properly. As a result, metal debris can block the flow of oil to the connecting rod bearings. That could cause the engines to stall and, in turn, lead to a crash.

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The problem affects both 2.0-liter and 2.4-liter engines used in 470,000 midsize Sonata sedans sold during the 2011 and 2012 model-years. Those vehicles were all assembled by Hyundai in the United States.


Hyundai Recalls 27,500 Genesis Sedans for Brake Issue

Maker hopes to get car owners that didn’t act on first recall.

by on Oct.22, 2013

Hyundai is recalling its 2009-2012 Genesis models for a brake problem that has generated 23 complaints.

Hyundai issued a recall for about 27,500 of its Genesis sedans to deal with a brake problem that had led to a series of complaints and is being blamed for one accident.

The recall of 2009 to 2012 model year sedans is being ordered to tackle “potential durability issues” with the brake system’s Hydraulic Electronic Control Unit. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received 23 complaints alleging increased brake pedal travel and reduced brake effectiveness in the vehicles.

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The recall is actually the second for the problem. It’s a follow-up to one that took place in March that didn’t catch all the vehicles affected by the problem. Just 60% of owners acted on the first recall and the South Korean automaker is hoping the current action will bring in the rest. (more…)

Koreans Hyundai, Kia Recalling 1.9 Mil Vehicles

Koreans Hyundai, Kia Recalling 1.9 Mil Vehicles

by on Apr.03, 2013

The Hyundai Elantra is one of the many Korean vehicles covered by three new recalls.

Korean carmakers Hyundai and Kia are initiating one of their largest recalls ever – or more precisely, three separate service actions announced today that involve 1.9 million vehicles sold in the U.S. market since late 2006.

The majority of the vehicles involved were subject to earlier recalls designed to address the same issue – electronic gremlins that could impact a wide variety of systems, from stop lamps to stability control, and even prevent the use of the push-button stop feature.

Meanwhile, the small Japanese automaker Subaru is recalling 200,000 vehicles of its own due to brake line corrosion issues.

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The larger recalls involving Hyundai and Kia present some serious headaches for the Korean makers after repeated efforts to deal with the electronic control issues. The two makers operate in the U.S. as separate companies but share much of the same technology under the skin of their vehicles.


Hyundai Hammered by Two New Veloster Recalls

Hatchback problems include faulty parking brakes and shattering sunroofs.

by on Dec.19, 2012

The Hyundai Veloster.

We’ve seen a steady increase in the number of vehicles recalled for safety related problems over the last several years, but it’s nonetheless unusual to see a manufacturer hammered by two separate service actions in one week.

And, in this case, both of the recalls impact the same vehicle, the 2012 Hyundai Veloster.  The more serious of the two involves shattering sunroofs, the second recall focusing on faulty parking brakes.

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The two recalls target about 18,000 vehicles – though, in fact, some of the hatchbacks may be covered by both of the service actions.


Recalls Rising Fast; Over 400,000 Vehicles Added to 2012 Tally

Latest Targets: Mazda, Hyundai.

by on Jul.30, 2012

Hyundai's 2012-2013 Sonata is just one of the latest models facing a recall.

Taking its lead from Ford Motor Co., Mazda plans to recall more than 200,000 of its Tribute SUVs due to potentially sticky throttle cables that could cause the vehicles to race out of control.  Ford last week recalled the virtually identical Escape to deal with the same problem.

Meanwhile, Hyundai will recall another 200,000 Santa Fe and Sonata models to correct problems with their airbags that could make it difficult to react properly if a small adult is seated up front. The Korean carmaker also is recalling about 20,000 other vehicles due to a separate airbag problem.

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While year-over-year comparisons are not yet available, industry observers are noting a sharp run-up in recalls this year – even as various studies suggest the industry is producing its highest-quality vehicles ever.  But manufacturers have come under increasing pressure from regulators and consumer watchdogs to act fast when they discover potential safety problems that might have once been ignored or dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


Hyundai Moves to Fix Steering Problems with 2011 Sonata

Campaign covers steering problem on midsize sedan.

by on Aug.16, 2011

Hyundai will address a problem with 2011 Sonatas, like this 2.0T, that have reportedly demonstrated a tendency to drift to the left.

Hyundai has announced a customer service campaign aimed at addressing steering problems with the 2011 Sonata sedan.

The maker describes the move as a “service action,” rather than a recall, because it addresses customer concerns raised by several groups, including Consumer Reports.  The influential magazine noted in a review of the Sonata 2.0T that it “drifts to the left on some roads.”  While the problem could “easily countered,” the magazine stressed, “it was an annoyance.”

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Automakers take great pains to satisfy Consumer Reports, in particular, but often take steps to resolve other reviewers’ criticism where it has the potential to influence sales or customer satisfaction.  But a service action is not directly regulated the way a recall is by the U.S. Department of Transportation.


Hyundai Recalling Nearly 140,000 Sonatas

Steering defect could cause the 2011 model to lose control.

by on Sep.27, 2010

Hyundai will recall nearly 140,000 2011 Sonata models because of a a steering defect.

Federal regulators have announced the recall of nearly 140,000 Hyundai Sonata sedans due to a potential steering problem that could cause a loss of control.

The recall, announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, covers the majority of the latest-generation Hyundai midsize sedan, specifically those manufactured between December 2009 and September 2010.

According to a NHTSA statement, “On some of these vehicles, the steering column intermediate shaft universal joint connections may have been either improperly assembled or insufficiently tightened.”

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In rare instances, the agency says, it is possible that a vehicle may experience a reduction or complete loss of steering capability due to the manufacturing defect.

Hyundai produces the Sonata at a plant in Alabama, its first assembly line in North America.