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Hyundai Yanks Controversial Suicide Ad

Suicide isn’t painless, nor source of humor, Hyundai admits.

by on Apr.26, 2013

Hyundai takes heat for suicide-theme ad.

“Suicide is painless,” or so went the lyrics of the theme from “MASH,” but while the film and later the popular TV show were able to find a bit of dark humor in that theme, Hyundai has largely triggered nothing but shock and a serious backlash as a result of an ad that poked fun at someone’s attempt to commit suicide in a car.

The online spot has been pulled from Youtube and other outlets and an embarassed Hyundai is apologizing for the misguided effort.

The Last Word!

The spot, which had targeted the European market – but which received widespread attention in the U.S., as well, thanks to the borderless Internet – featured a man apparently suffering from deep depression and ready to end it all. He runs a hose from the tailpipe to the cabin and starts the car. The result? Nothing. The ad is meant to promote the fact that this is Hyundai’s new zero-emission vehicle.