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EPA May Expand Probe After False Hyundai/Kia Mileage Claims

But even mpg numbers that meet regs could be exaggerated, industry insiders concede.

by on Nov.05, 2012

Those Kia Hamsters apparently fudged the mileage numbers on the Soul and other models.

Watch TV for more than an hour in prime time; pick up a newspaper or magazine; or check the ads that pop up while you’re searching the web.  Odds are you’re bombarded with ads pitching the latest fuel economy numbers from one manufacturer or another.

“Mileage has become the number one concern of American motorists,” Ford Chief Operating Officer Mark Fields noted earlier this year.

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But are those numbers valid? That’s the question motorists – and regulators – are left wondering in the wake of the revelation, last week, that Korean makers Hyundai and Kia had inflated their own mileage figures by as much as 6 mpg on 13 separate models. The Environmental Protection Agency is apparently getting ready to review other makers’ mileage claims. Meanwhile, even numbers that meet government scrutiny are coming under question because of the way the industry is promoting mileage in advertising.