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Hyundai-Kia Topples Honda as Greenest Carmaker

Korean maker credited for hybrids, downsized turbos, other moves.

by on May.27, 2014

Hyundai is just bringing its Tucson-based hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle to market in Southern California.

While Japanese automakers have long worked hard to burnish their images as environmentally friendly manufacturers, Korean carmaker Hyundai-Kia has been named the greenest carmaker by an influential scientific research group.

The Korean partners displaced Tokyo-based Honda, which had been the top-ranked automaker during the previous five years, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists. The UCS credited Hyundai’s belated push into hybrids, as well as its new, downsized turbo engines and other pollution control technologies, such as the hydrogen-powered Tucson Fuel Cell Vehicle just going on sale in California.

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Honda slipped to second in the study, followed by Toyota, Nissan and Volkswagen. Detroit’s Big three automakers lagged in the study which looked at a variety of variables, including the production of traditional, smog-causing pollutants, as well as CO2 and other gases linked to climate change.


Hyundai Pledges Average Fuel Economy of 50 MPG

‘Is that a stretch target, yeah,’ auto executive admits.

by on Aug.05, 2010

Fuel cell vehicles, battery cars and advanced gasoline technology, like that used in the new Sonata Turbo will be needed, said CEO Krafcik.

Korean carmaker Hyundai has laid out a “stretch target” of hitting an average 50 mpg fuel economy by 2025, a senior official announced to an industry conference.
John Krafcik says one of the core philosophies at Hyundai is a desire to stretch to reach what may seem to be unattainable goals – including mileage numbers many industry leaders see as impossible or close to it.

“We never set a target that we know how to hit,” the president and CEO of Hyundai Motor America told a session at the Management Briefing Seminars in Traverse City.

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With that, Krafcik said that the company has pledged to reach an average corporate average fuel economy of 50 mpg in the next 15 years.
“Is that a stretch target, yeah,” Krafcik said. “We want to lead the industry in fuel economy. We want to set the trajectory.”