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In the Beginning – How the New Genesis Brand Will Get Off the Ground

Shared dealers, but a unique dealer experience.

by on Nov.05, 2015

Hyundai's US design chief Chris Chapman with the HCD-16 Vision G Coupe concept.

When the new Genesis luxury brand debuts next year, parent Hyundai Motor Co. will introduce it in a careful series of steps, the details of some yet to be worked out, according to insiders and well-informed industry observers.

Only two product lines will be ready at first, both based on Hyundai’s existing, high-end products. And while they will get new names and badges, they will continue to be sold within the confines of existing dealerships, rather than from fancy new showrooms, a move that could significantly reduce Hyundai’s initial cash outlay.

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But in the years that follow, Genesis will begin to receive an assortment of new products, and will see a focus on new sales and service techniques designed to differentiate the new luxury brand from more established competitors from the U.S., Europe and Japan, sources agree.


Hyundai Finds Religion with 2nd-Generation Genesis

Let there be light: Korean carmaker out to win over disbelievers.

by on Jan.13, 2014

Hyundai aims to take its big Genesis up a notch when the second-generation sedan reaches market. Photo credit: Len Katz.

Let there be light, said the Korean carmaker and, lo, there was, proving to the many disbelievers that Hyundai actually could build something more impressive than a low-priced econobox.  The maker’s first effort to move up-market with the mid-luxury Genesis proved one of the big surprises of the last decade, winning an array of awards that included North American Car of the Year.

But was it more than just a one-time fluke? That’s the question skeptics continue to ask – and which the question Hyundai hopes to put to rest as it rolls out a second version of the big Genesis sedan for 2015. got an early look at the new model last autumn but, like everyone else gathering at this week’s North American International Auto Show, we’re taking a closer look to see just how far the Koreans have gone the second time around.

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It doesn’t take more than a quick glance to recognize the answer is: quite a bit, certainly from a styling standpoint.  The original, 2008 Hyundai Genesis was a handsome enough car in a me-too sort of way.  This time ‘round, the Seoul-based maker is more confidently pushing the boundaries of its new Fluidic Sculpture design language – now dubbed version 2.0 — and to good effect. The 2015 Genesis doesn’t look a rip-off of anyone else’s styling.


Hyundai Moves Even More Up-Market with Gen-2 Genesis

Distinctive design, new features, improved ride and handling.

by on Nov.26, 2013

The new Hyundai Genesis, codenamed DH, will reach U.S. showrooms for the 2015 model-year.

In the beginning, there was Genesis.  The first effort by Hyundai to crack the luxury market was a shock to those who thought Korean carmakers could produce little more than econoboxes.  The big sedan – targeting no less formidable a competitor than the BMW 5-Series – went on to win the coveted North  American Car of the Year trophy after its debut in 2008.

In hindsight, while the original Genesis sedan was unquestionably a big leap for Hyundai, it probably wasn’t quite up to its European competitors.  Its design was generic, its ride was plush but hardly the stuff of a 5-Series when it came to flogging the Genesis around corners.  Value pricing was a critical part of the equation – much like the original Lexus models, nearly two decades earlier.

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But Hyundai’s aspirations are anything but modest.  During a recent visit to the maker’s R&D center in the Seoul suburb of Namyangju, senior company officials made it clear that they’re readying a number of additional entries into the luxury segment, including an update of their full-size 7-Series fighter, the Hyundai Equus.


Hyundai Aims to Push More Up-Market with Genesis 2.0

New premium sedan set to reach U.S. showrooms in early 2014.

by on Oct.24, 2013

Hyundai aims to more directly take on its European rivals with the newly redesigned 2015 Genesis sedan.

Few cars have done more to transform an automaker’s image than the original Hyundai Genesis sedan which landed a slew of awards – including the coveted North American Car of the Year trophy – when it first came to market in 2008.

Now, the Korean carmaker is set to roll out Genesis 2.0, if you will, the second-generation sedan aiming to take Hyundai even more up-market with a more distinctive design, more refined features and – perhaps most critically – the promised of improved ride and handling which, the company says, was aimed to take on the benchmark BMW 5-Series.

“The evolved all-new Genesis is the product of Hyundai’s best resources and capabilities and we strongly believe it will be a game-changer in the market,” said Moon Sik Kwon, head of Hyundai Motor Group’s R&D Center, located just outside the Korean capital of Seoul.

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The second-generation Hyundai Genesis, which is being shown to a small group of Korean and foreign journalists for the first time this week, is the product of a 500 billion won, or roughly $500 million, program that Kwon stressed during a dinner interview us “critical” for the Korean maker.  Hyundai has significant aspirations of moving its image more upscale, a process that it began with the 2008 launch of the original Genesis and continued with the more recent introduction of the bigger Equus model.


Hyundai HCD-14 Reveals New Design Direction

From concept to production with next-gen Genesis.

by on Jan.14, 2013

The new Hyundai HCD-14 Concept will have a strong influence on the design of the next-gen Genesis sedan.

Few automotive brands have delivered more surprises than Hyundai.

At the Detroit Auto Show on Monday, the automaker once again threw out a concept that shakes up the establishment with the intention of taking its premium offerings to another level.

Hyundai Motor America CEO John Krafcik said that while its HCD-14 Genesis Concept is not the next version of the Genesis sedan, it is a “spiritual guide” for its future premium cars.

Hyundai used a cool movie-style clip highlighting some of the concept’s high-tech features including eye-tracking technology and hand-gesture controls for making phone calls, changing the temperature and choosing music.

“We think it’s once again time to defy convention and delight our premium customers,” Krafcik said.

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No one expected the Korean carmaker to so effectively move up-market with models like the original Genesis sedan and more recent Equus. And now, if the new Hyundai HCD-14 Concept debuting at the 2013 North American International Auto Show is any indication, the maker is going to offer an even more serious challenge to upscale competitors like Lexus, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.


First Look: 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

More aggressive design, improved performance.

by on Jan.09, 2012

Hyundai's Genesis Coupe gets a more aggressive look for 2013 - along with the added power to back that up.

The original Hyundai Genesis sedan scored a grand slam for the Korean carmaker, winning the coveted North American Car of the Year trophy and plenty of demand for a first entry into the luxury market.  But while the little coupe that shared the Genesis name was certainly fun to drive it didn’t quite find its own identity.

Hyundai hopes to resolve that problem with the 2013 update of the Genesis Coupe, giving the 2-door a more luxurious, refined and decidedly aggressive appearance and backing that up with some serious performance credentials.

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The overall look and key dimensions of the rear-drive Genesis Coupe remain the same, with the 2-door featuring the long wheelbase and short overhangs of a classic sports coupe.  Nonetheless, changes are visible right up front, where the 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe sports a more aggressive front fascia, trapezoid grille, lamps and hood heat extractor cues – which, unfortunately are just that; they are not actually functional.


First Look: 2010 Hyundai Equus

Redefining Luxury, starting with the owner’s manual.

by on Apr.01, 2010

With the 2011 Hyundai Equus, the maker intends to take on the top luxury makers, including BMW, Mercedes and Lexus.

For a brand that was long a symbol of the most basic, cheap-and-cheerful products, Hyundai is doing a surprisingly effective job of redefining the luxury car market – a process it hopes to take a giant step further with the upcoming launch of the 2011 Hyundai Equus sedan.

Equus, making its debut at the New York International Auto Show, is a step up from the Hyundai Genesis sedan, the mid-luxury 4-door that, in January 2009, was named North American Car of the Year by a jury of 50 automotive journalists.  Designed to go head-to-head with high-line competitors like the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the 2011 Equus will deliver all the standard features of a premium luxury sedan, from hand-finished wood and leather to its 608-watt, 17-speaker audio system.

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As might also be expected of a Hyundai product, whatever the segment, price will also be a differentiator, Hyundai of America CEO John Krafcik hinting the final price for the 2011 Equus will come in “somewhere between $50,000 and $60,000. “  But perhaps the most intriguing selling point, he suggests, will be “innovative customer services to save our costumers time.”